Review: I’ll keep the bottle; Singapore Airlines First Class San Francisco to Hong Kong

Yes please I’ll keep the bottle

Singapore Airlines SQ 1 SFO-HKG 777-300W (four-class)

First Class Seat: 1F

Back in early August my family and I went on vacation to our favorite spot, The Conrad Maldives. It’s are a long way from the US, in fact it’s exactly 12 hours’ time difference, so if we can possibly ride in style why not. Luckily, I was able to redeem American Express Membership Rewards for the one-way tickets on Singapore Air in first. Unfortunately, the three of us could not fly together and my wife and daughter took a flight one day later and we all met up in Singapore, before heading to our final destination.

I can’t tell you how much joy I have flying on this airline. They are my overall favorite carrier to fly. PERIOD. I’ve been fortunate enough to fly some other amazing carriers, but for some reason, I’ve never forgotten my first love. Singapore was the first airlines I had the opportunity to ever fly in first class. My wife and I had such a great experience I still get giddy when I fly them. I feel they just get it right. They understand how to treat all passengers, they have super friendly and attentive staff and they make sure you’re taken care of now matter what class you’re flying in.

I’m reminded of a time when we were coming back from Singapore heading to Hong Kong, and we were sitting in the way way back of an Airbus A380. We had brought a box of pastries on the plane and my wife had to hold them so that they would not get crushed during the flight. The flight attendant recognized that label on the box realized they were perishable (although we would probably eat them sooner than he though) and asked if he could store them in their fridge. I can’t tell you how impressed I was by that gesture. When simultaneously he was helping seat passengers, putting up luggage and dealing with a 100% full coach cabin. Needless its thing like that that make me always look forward to flying them.

This never gets old

This flight was operated by a Boeing 777-300W that was in a four-class configuration. It consisted of only four seats up front in a 1-2-1 configuration with direct aisle access from all seats, and on this day only three seats were occupied.  Although the suites don’t have doors to make them super private nor are these the new or old A380 enclosed suites, they’re still super private and a really fabulous way to get from point A to point B. If you’re traveling with someone, you’d want to sit in the middle two seats so that you’d easily be able to talk to your travel mate. Sitting across the aisle is not conducive to a pair of people who may want to chat while traveling. Consequently, if you’re sitting next to a stranger, there’s a privacy screen between the middle seats so you don’t have to stare at someone in the other seat. Needless to say, the cabin is ultra-private and very quiet since they only people allowed in this part of the plane are the four guests and the cabin staff attending to us.

Upon entering though door 1L, I was immediately greeted by the cabin staff, they took my carryon and stowed it for me below my footwell. The other item to note, is that the cabin feels and is very open and inviting, there aren’t any overhead storage bins so the cabin just feels huge. If your roller and or other carryon won’t fit below your footwell, they’ll gladly store for you in a hidden compartment. Because the suite is so large and I’m only 6’ I can store my bag in my suite and still have plenty of legroom. Shortly after settling in I was presented a drink and food menu, as well as my Lalique amenity kit and branded PJ’s plus a glass of bubbly. Sorry folks no pictures of the kit, but it was interesting. It came with hand lotion some other staff and oddly a scented candle. Kind of strange if you ask me. As for a toothbrush and other toiletries they have stacks of those in the two bathrooms. Long gone are the days where you got a nice sized bottle of Incanto cologne by Salvatore Ferragamo in the amenity kit.



After getting changed into the provided PJ’s I was settled and ready for my 15 hour flight. At this point the Champagne was presented and trust me when I say this, I know nothing, nada zilch about the stuff, but I do know I like it and I really really like Dom Perignon it turns out.  SQ usually servers vintage Dom and Krug on most flights, and on this occasion, they were pouring a 2006. Thank you very much, I’ll have another please.

The menu (click to enlarge)


Once we took off it was time to get this show in high gear. This flight leaves at 12:05 AM, and you either go right to bed or eat dinner then hit the sack. For me no matter how early or late a longhaul flight like this is, I always eat watch a few movies and then go to bed.  That’s what works for my body clock. I have learned thought that it’s best to eat light before going to bed, because it just doesn’t make for a comfortable sleeping experience. That being said, when they offer such an amazing menu it’s pretty damn hard to eat light and I usually don’t heed my own warning.

Dinner was amazing. I love their caviar presentation (although) it’s not your usual egg, caviar, onions and toast points, which they no longer serve on red-eye flights. This version was still delicious. BTW does anyone eat caviar on land? Cause I sure don’t. My soup was just the right spice level for me, and the scallops were perfect. Desert was the only disappointment. But seriously, ice cream and candied pineapple on an airplane. It was good, just not great. I’m always amazed that an airline can serve restaurant quality food at 35,000 feet, make it taste great and also provide an array of meal options. Plus the service by SQ is always top notch. They know before you do if you need something. I don’t know how they do it but they just do. They can read your mind.

Once dinner was finished I had my bed made. Yes they do that! In the case of these particular seats the back fold down over the seat. Imagine closing your hands while singing Baby Shark do do do do do. Then the seat is laid flat and connects with the footwell and now you have a large single bed. They also put down a comfy duvet pad, several pillows and a blanket and then it’s off to La La land. For me it was a few hours of movie watching, catching up on the summer blockbusters and Oscar winners I had not seen yet and then it was snoozeville for me.

With about five hours to Hong Kong, I woke up from a very restful sleep and was ready for more TV and relaxation. And with about two hours to landing it was time for breakfast. Although I didn’t get pictures of breakfast and was truly still full from dinner, the flight attendants convinced me to have breakfast. I don’t remember exactly what I had, but I know it was light. Warmed croissants, cut fruit and tea come to mind. For me it was the perfect amount of digestive after a big dinner, but just enough food to keep me satisfied.


Singapore Air provides an incredible first class experience. It all starts as soon as you get on board the plane. The flight attendants are incredibly attentive, they cater to all your needs and anticipate what you might want before you do. The seat in this particular  configuration is huge, really it is. It’s so wide that two people could actually fit in it. This may not be Singapore Suites Class, but it’s still amazing. The cabin is very private, four guests, two large bathrooms and lots of space for your stuff during the flight. The food is top notch and drink selection should satisfy anyone’s needs.

I wait in anticipation for the next time I’m able to fly them.

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