United Polaris Lounge San Francisco

The United Polaris lounge entrance (not my best photo work)

As a far too loyal American Airlines flyer, and a Bay Area resident I spend A LOT of time at San Francisco International Airport’s terminal two. For the moment this terminal is the home to AA and Virgin America AKA Alaska Airlines. Since I’m stuck in this terminal a lot, I don’t have many opportunities to visit other terminals let alone other lounges (the only part of sitting at the airport that’s worth something). Last summer when I had a trip on the other guys I was lucky enough to have my first visit to the newly renovated United Airlines Polaris Lounge in the International “G” gates section of the airport.

The family and I were meeting up in Singapore and I was on and earlier set of flights, and was able to secure a First Class award seat on Singapore Airlines to you guessed it, Singapore via Hong Kong. When flying in a premium cabin on SQ, they provide you access to their own lounge at SFO called the SilverKris Lounge, but you also get access to United’s lounge too. Now prior to the remodel of the United Club, now called the Polaris Lounge (to tie in their branding of Business Class which is also called Polaris) I would have for sure gone to the SKL instead. But with all the hype of a newly designed lounge that I had the rare opportunity to visit, I had to check it out!!

I’m sure this all makes me sound like a snob, but what can I say. Having an opportunity to not sit by the gate and not hear people complain is a HUGE plus in my book. Oh and the good complimentary food and the even better cocktail selection made this visit even better. What can I say the lounge is gorgeous. They took and old tired lounge and made it beautiful. It’s in the same location to the right of security at the G gates and still upstairs with access via an escalator, but once upstairs it feels like a swanky Mid-Century Modern lounge with all of the modern amenities. Once off the escalator you can go straight and hit up numerous seating spaces or swing by the stunning the glowing underlit marble top bar or  just keep walking further down the hall and hit up the buffet. They also have a dining room where you can order from and a ala carte menu (on my visit, it was too late in the day to partake). That being said I really only had two priorities on this visit. One get a drink, and that was checked off the list quick. Two was to find a private spot to chill, and that happened not much after getting my thirst quenched. I really just appreciated how the new lounge had that quiet elegance about it, and was and would be the perfect place to relax before a long flight like I was about to take. United really hit it out of the park, they’re offering one of THE nicest lounges for a domestic carrier I’ve ever had the chance to visit. I really was impressed. Now don’t get me wrong this is not the Private Lounge in Singapore or the First Class Terminal in Frankfurt, but it was really really special and I can’t wait to go back.




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