I love love love to travel, and spend a lot of time on the road. My consulting job keeps me out of the office about 100 days per year and my personal travel another 30 or so. I hope to visit all seven continents and only have Africa and Antarctica left.

My family and I enjoy visiting exotic places and bustling cities too. Over the past few years we’ve been to Australia, The Maldives, most of Western Europe, the Caribbean and Bali to name a few. I’m also a Disney Fanatic, no I’ve not been to D23, but if given the chance I probably would go, that being said my wife and I have been to all five of the six theme parks and will visit China someday soon I hope.

I hope to share my insights about the places I’ve been and give readers the chance to see what the joys of travel can bring.


      • The photo you have of the Emperor Lounge at Auckland Airport. It will be for a monthly article I write for Luxe Beat Magazine about “Luxe Layovers” at airports around the world. I don’t get any pay for the photos, so I can’t pay for it, but we will include your credit. The magazine is digital at luxebeatmag.com and on tablets as a digital subscription.


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