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MMMM…Walt Disney World


Johnny bit my finger

Last month we had the opportunity to visit Walt Disney World for four nights. We had a great time hanging out as a family at the park and at the pool. The last time we were here was November of 2015 and we were all itching to go back. I’ve written up a few reviews previously so I’ll only focus on a few meals we had while there. Continue reading

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Admirals Club Orlando: My Dreams Have Finally Come True

img_7334-1You have no idea how excited I am that there’s finally an Admirals Club in Orlando. I’ve been through this airport eight times in the past year and had exclusively flown American Airlines on these trips. And I’ve sat in the main rotunda every time waiting for my departure. Every trip I check out or Priority Pass (yes they have lounges at MCO but not plane side in Terminal B that I can go to) looking for a lounge I can use. And every time I’m denied. Well as luck would have it finally on April 14th my dreams had finally come true, an NEW ADMIRALS CLUB!!! YIPPEE. Continue reading

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Review: American Airlines Dallas to Kona Business Class

Trip Report April 1st 2017 Dallas to Kona 4/1 767-300

American Airlines Flight 229 Departing 10:45 AM Arriving 1:46 PM

Duration 8:09

Business Class Seat 4A


Finally in Hawaii. I love deplaning onto the tarmac

After an unexpected overnight delay in Dallas and an intervention by an AAngel who got me on the nonstop from DFW I was set for Kona. I was excited to fly nonstop to Hawaii from Dallas, this was the longest domestic NS I’ve ever flown clocking in at 3724 miles.I went to the plane about 10 minutes prior to boarding, people seem to always be happy going to Hawaii, and this was no different especially when it was during spring break. Once they started boarding I made my way onto the plane. The AA 767 is mostly used for long-haul domestic flights and shorter international destinations. These are some of the older planes in the fleet and although I enjoy the lie flat seat the fact that these planes don’t offer in-seat entertainment, Wi-Fi or in seat power in coach so on an eight hour trip this could be a slog. Continue reading

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28 Days

CaptureAs has been the norm over the last five years, I tend to travel a lot. Frankly sometimes too much! But hey it is what it is. Well to that point over a 28 day span this was my schedule.

Day 1 Fly to Phoenix for spring training

Day 1-2 Hang out in Phoenix catch some rays and see a few ballgames

Day 2 Head to Vancouver

Day 2-7 Work in Vancouver

Day 7 Fly home

Day 8 Little league game family time Continue reading

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I’m Back…

Hello again. You miss me? I hope you’ve not forgotten about me. I could come up with a million reasons why I’ve not posted in over a YEAR but I’ll save you the excuses and just say I was lazy.

The crazy thing is, that I’ve had some amazing times doing some fun stuff and even documented them on my phone, so I could have content to post to the blog. But for some reason I just didn’t finish any of posts.

So what have I been up to the last 18 months? Well let’s see. My family and I sold two houses, moved once, our daughter started kindergarten and will be in the first grade in a few months. We went to the Maldives for two weeks (and that was six days after we moved). I visited Turkey, Manchester, and Munich all on one trip that included Oktoberfest too. We went to Hawaii for a week over spring break too, and three visits to Disneyworld. Add in all the work trips which equated approximately 175,000 miles in the air and over 150 segments. That being said I’m not writing this to brag or make you feel sorry for me. It’s just a way to explain what the heck I’ve been up to.

Stay Tuned.

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Last month my wife and I got to see Adele in the SPG suite at The o2 Arena in London. For me this was an incredibly decadent way to redeem my SPG points for an event that I would normally not be able to buy tickets for. Starwood, has a really cool redemption option called SPG Moments where you can redeem your points for concert tickets (like these), baseball, hockey and even other events. Two years ago I even redeemed them for two luxury box seats at Wrigley Field to see a Giants game and it was INCREDIBLE. Continue reading

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Hawaiian Airlines Maui-San Jose First Class


This review is a long time coming. In August our family went to Maui for a weeklong vacation and on our trip home we had the opportunity to fly Hawaiian Airlines First Class A330-200 from Maui’s OGG airport to San Jose, Ca. This was my first time flying Hawaiian up front on a “longhaul” trip. I was excited to try out their Aloha spirit and even happier to cap off a wonderful vacation with a hopefully wonderful flight home. Continue reading

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Looney Looney Looney

Let’s get this clear I’m loony. Looney looney looney.  I’m the guy that flew to Dubai 3x in 6 weeks with only 8 hours on the ground for each trip just to earn miles, it didn’t hurt that the ticket was dirt cheap. Or flying to Seoul Korea for 6 hours just so I could experience Singapore Airlines first class on the a380 flying home.


My double bed in the sky

Now that we’ve established to what lengths I’ll go to prove my looniess (is that even a word). Let’s get to the point.

This week I spent three nights in Kansas City, Missouri and two night in Indianapolis, Indiana. Being that it’s a new year and my hotel status reset, I had a choice to make. It was very simple with top tier in three programs Hilton, Starwood and Hyatt and the desire to keep at least two of them if not all three for next year; sorry Hilton you might be the odd man out. I needed to start staying places. All three programs let you qualify on nights or stays. For me stays are always easier to attain then nights. Hilton 30 stays/60 nights, Starwood and Hyatt 25 stays/50 nights. In all three cases I always make it on stays yearly and sometimes as the year rolls down I’ll get it on nights too. But latter doesn’t happen every year. Continue reading

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Review: Delta Airlines First Class- Salt Lake to Oakland 


I don’t fly Delta a lot, but when I do I’m reminded about how much I like them. This year I only had 10 segments on them, all domestic, and overall I enjoyed my trips. This short 560 mile trip takes a little less than 2 hours.

This older 737-8 had four rows of 2-2 seating up front and 23 rows of 3-3 economy seating. Thankfully I was upgraded to First Class due to my Alaska Airline status (yes Virginia miracles still happen). Continue reading

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Pub Crawl Disney Style


Beer’s around the world can make you do crazy things.

When you’re at Walt Disney World and have a free afternoon at Epcot what should you do? Have an Around The World Pub Crawl of course. Back in early November when my family was there I had to take the opportunity to tick this one item off my bucket list. Yeah I know kind of cheesy, but at least I didn’t buy a t-shirt to commemorate the achievement. Here’s my accomplishment in all it’s glory. For all you beer aficionados, no I didn’t take notes of what I drank. Sorry.

Continue reading

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