These Birds Are More Then Allright

Kauri Fiddle-Leaf Tree Runners

I just love love love my Allbird Tree Runners. They’re incredibly comfortable and perfect for traveling and the daily grind too. I’ve actually owned their original signature Wool Runner since last summer but wanted to expand my shoedrobe. My wife saw someone wearing these and suggested I get a pair, so that’s just what I did a few weeks ago.

Why do I love these shoes:

First off they’re probably the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever owned. I really feel like I’m walking on a cloud. I know that sound like such a cliche, but it’s true. The insole is made of Merino wool which adds a little extra comfort and does yeoman’s work absorbing odors too. Who doesn’t love that? The Tree Runner upper is made of a mesh eucalyptus fiber fabric. It’s super soft and very cool to the touch too. I had no idea that a shoe could be made of this. It really makes for a great walk.

Beside amazing comfort, I love how light they are. There’s no metal in the shoe, which not only makes them light, but also contort to any small spot in my suitcase. And when unpacked, there good as new. You’d have no idea they were crushed into a small suitcase. Try that with you;r traditional dress shoe.

This also makes going though airport security a snap when you have PreCheck or Global Entry these shoes won’t set off any buzzers. Every second counts you know.

I’m pretty rough on shoes, so to have some dressy and semi-utilitarian shoes that I can wear with pants or shorts is perfect. When I’m out of town and only bring a carryon, I not only need to have work clothes but also casual ones too, being able to wear work appropriate shoes that go with shorts is a HUGE plus for me.

Doing your part one shoe at a time:

captureIt doesn’t hurt to do your part too, and in this case buying a product that has renewable resources in its manufacturing process from wool to eucalyptus for the shoes. Recycled plastic bottles for the shoe laces and recycled cardboard for the shoe box that also doubles as the shipping package is really thoughtful too.

Lastly from a wear and tear point of view if you happen to get the shoes dirty you can just throw them in the washer and there good as new. Plus if they get wet when your puddle jumping just set them out to dry, no problem there either. Wool or eucalyptus dries super fast! Try doing that with a pair of leather shoes.

When and if your in the market for a new pair of kicks, check out They’ll have what you’re looking for and in a color that’ll compliment your wardrobe and your style.

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