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I work as a consultant in the software industry, and I typically spend about 80-100 days a year on the road for work mostly travelling Western/Central US and Canada. I also spend about 30 days a year travelling for fun. In 2012 I went to Australia, New Zealand, Republic of Maldives, Hong Kong and Singapore and this year I hope to go to Germany, Thailand and Ireland.

Cathay Pacific Premium Economy San Francisco to Hong Kong


The bird that’ll take me to HK

Cathay Pacific 777-300ER

San Francisco-Hong Kong February 14, 2019

Premium Economy 30G

See Trip Report Index: A Trip To Nowhere; Sprinkled In With A Bit of Disney

My journey was about to start. This would be my first flight on Cathay Pacific in over six years. Back in 2011-12 I flew Cathay three round trips to Australia all in premium economy and I was looking forward to flying them again and seeing how the PE experience held up and if there were any enhancements or reductions. Continue reading

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Review: Cathy Pacific Lounge San Francisco

Cathay Pacific Lounge San Francisco

Where: International Terminal A

See Trip Report Index: A Trip To Nowhere; Sprinkled In With A Bit of Disney


My journey started out on a rainy Thursday at SFO. I had checked in at the Cathay Pacific counter and was provided a lounge invitation. When flying in first or business class you’re provided with access to the airlines lounge or partners lounge if they have one. Because Cathay offers three or four flights a day out of SFO, they happen to have their own lounge. Continue reading

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A Trip To Nowhere; Sprinkled In With A Bit of Disney

hkg mr


It’s been quite a few years since my last trip to nowhere aka a mileage run. I used to do them on the regular when earning status miles and redeemable miles were easier to attain and frankly when they were worth more than they are today. There’s still a time and a place for a mileage run and when this deal came out as part of a black Friday sale, I decided a trip to Hong Kong was in order and since the return required a trip to China, I figured I visit the Beijing Airport 😊too. In this case to make the trip work I ended up making a very complex set of reservations. Continue reading

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A-List here I come; Southwest Airlines Status Match

IMG_2714I recently took the opportunity of a free Southwest A-List status match. The airline is currently offering people the chance of getting A-List status for 90 days if you send them your current airline status of a competitor. What was really great about this opportunity, was that all I had to do was send a screen shot from another airlines with my current status above being a general member, and about 10 days later I got this simple response with my new Southwest A-List status. Continue reading

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I’m Approved!! My China Visa Finally Arrived


One very important document

I’m going to China in a few weeks on a qazi mileage run. Stay tuned for the trip report. I booked the tickets as part of a black Friday deal flying Cathay Pacific in Premium Economy roundtrip to Hong Kong and a second business class deal from Shanghai, China back to the US on a combination of Cathay Pacific and American Airlines. Continue reading

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Our Night Night Plane: Etihad Airways First Class 777 Abu Dhabi To Los Angeles


Living the suite life

As part of last year’s summer vacation to The Maldives, my family and I had a chance to enjoy Singapore Airlines on the outbound from San Francisco. But just like the outbound, we were unable to all fly home together. On this occasion I got to fly with our seven-year-old daughter on Etihad while my wife flew solo on British Airways, and we all met back in California. Being that my work has me out of town a lot I get plenty of opportunities to fly solo, so I was truly happy that my wife had that chance. Plus, that meant I got to fly with my daughter solo, which I’ve only done one other time. Continue reading

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These Birds Are More Then Allright


Kauri Fiddle-Leaf Tree Runners

I just love love love my Allbird Tree Runners. They’re incredibly comfortable and perfect for traveling and the daily grind too. I’ve actually owned their original signature Wool Runner since last summer but wanted to expand my shoedrobe. My wife saw someone wearing these and suggested I get a pair, so that’s just what I did a few weeks ago.

Continue reading

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Review: I’ll keep the bottle; Singapore Airlines First Class San Francisco to Hong Kong


Yes please I’ll keep the bottle

Singapore Airlines SQ 1 SFO-HKG 777-300W (four-class)

First Class Seat: 1F

Back in early August my family and I went on vacation to our favorite spot, The Conrad Maldives. It’s are a long way from the US, in fact it’s exactly 12 hours’ time difference, so if we can possibly ride in style why not. Luckily, I was able to redeem American Express Membership Rewards for the one-way tickets on Singapore Air in first. Unfortunately, the three of us could not fly together and my wife and daughter took a flight one day later and we all met up in Singapore, before heading to our final destination. Continue reading

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United Polaris Lounge San Francisco


The United Polaris lounge entrance (not my best photo work)

As a far too loyal American Airlines flyer, and a Bay Area resident I spend A LOT of time at San Francisco International Airport’s terminal two. For the moment this terminal is the home to AA and Virgin America AKA Alaska Airlines. Since I’m stuck in this terminal a lot, I don’t have many opportunities to visit other terminals let alone other lounges (the only part of sitting at the airport that’s worth something). Last summer when I had a trip on the other guys I was lucky enough to have my first visit to the newly renovated United Airlines Polaris Lounge in the International “G” gates section of the airport. Continue reading

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2018 The Year Of Living In A Tin Can

captureI know, January is almost over and I can safely say that it’s been over a YEAR since I’ve even looked at my blog. OOPS. There’s tons of excuses I can say as to why, but I won’t. I’m just lazy! But I’m going to try again !@@$!! and see if I can get this thing going. And if nothing else entertain others with my travels err I mean myself . Continue reading

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