Hanging Out With Jay-Z; Singapore Airlines Suites A380 NRT-LAX


Ok so after two flights in the past 24 hours on Singapore Airlines in Suites Class on the A380, this was my final leg flying SQ 12 from Narita, Japan to Los Angeles. I really had a great flight from Singapore and was excited for the last leg and getting home to the family. But let’s just cut to the chase did I rub elbows with Jay-Z’s bettter half? Sadly the answer is no, she wasn’t on the flight :(. Yes he was, and no I didn’t hang out with him. He did acknowledge my presence when we were deplaning in LAX, but that was really it. The suites are so darn private I only noticed him  a few times when I walked past his seat, and when he walked by mine to use the facilities. Next time I’m hoping to see Beyonce damit!

After a short layover in Japan, I re-boarded the plane and was greeted by the purser and staff and escorted to my seat. I was immediately asked for my drink order and my luggage was again stored in an empty seat, this flight was 7-12 so I didn’t have to squeeze my roller under the ottoman.

I’ve got to be honest by this flight I was a little tired. I had flown 17,000 miles  and 7 segments in five days and spent two short nights in hotels. I was ready to head home, but also ready to enjoy my time on this flight. I guess what I’m trying to say is this, I was tired of taking pictures and just wanted to enjoy the flight, so if you want to get a more detailed review of the seat and service please check out the last review.

Ahh the usual pre-departure drink


Shortly after takeoff, the flight attendant came by and passed out amenity kits, slippers, eye shades and PJ’s to the other guests. She actually skipped me, which I understand is because I connected and they expect you to use/save your amenities from your first flight. Now in the grand scheme of things no big deal, but again SQ is a world class airline, why do they skimp on things like this for their first class clients? Beyond that all I really needed were the eye shades and slippers, they were things I left while de-planing in Japan. The fact that I had to ask for them slightly annoyed me. Let’s just put it this way, Emirates gives you so much crap that they give you a canvas bag to carry it all off the plane. Oh and the fact that I had to reuse my pajamas, how dare they!

About one hour after departure, it was time for dinner. I was stuffed from my prior meal, but hey what’s a few more calories. They don’t count when flying right?

The dinner and breakfast menu

Dinner Menu

IMG_9941 IMG_9939

Dinner setup

 I will never get sick of their attention to detail, when it comes to setting up the table for a meal



Beef and lamb saute, with peanut sauce and raw cucumber and onions



Caviar service



Seafood chowder



Short rib of beef in a red win reduction with roasted vegetables


 Mango cheesecake with ice cream and caramel sauce


Once dinner was done, it was time to sleep. I still had about 6 hours before we landed and this was definitely enough time to sleep. Because I had 2 C/D again and 2D was blocked for me I was finally able to take advantage of the double suite bed :0. Yes that’s right, if you have the middle seats they can convert into one GIANT bed. It’s an engineering miracle to boot. The double middle armrest slides down below the seat level and then the back of the suite folds down to make the bed. Rest assured, if you are not friendly with the person in the seat next to you the armrest can stay up and there’s a privacy screen and you still have a bed large enough for one. Just not a double bed. I know incredible. So off to la la land I went and didn’t wake up till 1 hour prior to arrival. How’s that for comfortable?

Dimension wise I’m guessing that the suite is 6 1/2 feet deep and probably 7 feet wide, when the two are combined. It’s definitely large enough for one let alone two. One of the flight attendants commented to me that when people travel with their infants the space is plenty large for the two or three of them.



As you can see there’s tons of room and tons of privacy. And getting to sleep diagonal plus watch two TV’s at once, what a way to travel.IMG_9952


So I got to see Jay-Z from 2 feet away, and stood in line behind him at the Global Entry line. The service was top notch and the seat, oh the seat. I loved it and it is by far the best seat I have ever sat in on a plane ever. And that includes first class on several top notch carriers like Thai, Lufthansa and Emirates to name a few. Food and service on every flight I’ve taken on SQ is the best, and this flight was no exception. The staff show you every step of the way how much they love their job (even if they fake it) you’d never know. They also treat every guest perfectly (save being cheap about amenities), and they just know when you need something. I don’t know how they know that, but they just do. It’s freaking scary.

Stay tuned for my first ever flight on Emirates in first class.


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