2018 The Year Of Living In A Tin Can

captureI know, January is almost over and I can safely say that it’s been over a YEAR since I’ve even looked at my blog. OOPS. There’s tons of excuses I can say as to why, but I won’t. I’m just lazy! But I’m going to try again !@@$!! and see if I can get this thing going. And if nothing else entertain others with my travels err I mean myself .

Last was a banner year for domestic air travel. Normally I have at least two or three international  trips per year, but last year we had only one (sorry Canada) I don’t consider Toronto and Vancouver international 😊. We did have an epic around the world journey to Singapore, The Maldives and Abu Dhabi that I hope to write about soon, minus that vacation, I did 134 domestic segments. Since I started tracking my flights back in 2015 (yes that is a thing), this was the largest amount of domestic flying I’ve ever done. Here it is by the numbers for those that are curious.

  • Segments: 134 Domestic and 6 International (one takeoff and landing)
  • Airlines Flown: 8
  • New airlines: Sri Lankan
  • My “favorite airline of choice”: American 121 segments (all domestic) yes folks I’m glutton for punishment
  • Most common route: San Francisco to Chicago O’Hare 15 round trips
  • Longest flight: Abu Dhabi to Los Angeles 8377 miles 17 hours
  • Shortest flight: Chicago to Bloomington, Illinois 116 miles 44 minutes
  • Miles flown: 175,073 Domestic was a whopping 154,101
  • Countries visited: 7
  • New Airports visited: 7
    • SAV- Savannah, Georgia
    • CMH- Columbus, Ohio
    • CMI- Champaign, Illinois
    • BMI- Bloomington-Normal, Illinois
    • LAN- Lansing, Michigan
    • MEM- Memphis, Tennessee
    • KDTO- Denton, Texas

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