Last month my wife and I got to see Adele in the SPG suite at The o2 Arena in London. For me this was an incredibly decadent way to redeem my SPG points for an event that I would normally not be able to buy tickets for. Starwood, has a really cool redemption option called SPG Moments where you can redeem your points for concert tickets (like these), baseball, hockey and even other events. Two years ago I even redeemed them for two luxury box seats at Wrigley Field to see a Giants game and it was INCREDIBLE.This time around once I saw a post about Starwood releasing luxury box seats for Adele I was in. I made sure my wife could get the time off and away I went to buy two seats in Suite #327 at The o2 for 25,000 Starwood points. Sure I could have used them for rooms on some grand vacation, but Adele in London for her first full show at the o2, in a suite! How could I pass that up?img_3825

We’re getting very excited!!!
The entrance to the suite

The Suite is on the third level of the arena, and had a direct view of the stage. It had a capacity of 19 people, but on this day there were 13 guests plus the host and bartender. There were 15 stadium seats plus four bar stools and a small seating area. It was not crowded at all and  provided enough room to mingle, relax and just have a good time. There was also a nice spread of food and a decent selection of beer, wine and non-alcoholic beverages.






But honestly the best part of the night was the show. Adele was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Top 5 concerts for sure, and prior to the show I’d say I like her music but was not a fan. Now I’m a fan for sure. She was humble, funny, had an incredible voice and just seemed downright normal.


By far this was one of my favorite experiences. Getting to see an amazing singer, sit in a suite and have an opportunity to go with my wife was just great. Being able to use points to do this was cherry on top of the sundae.


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