Visiting the Mecca of Baseball: Wrigley Field Chicago

Wrigley Field, what a gem. I was so excited to finally make it to this mecca, where they have been playing baseball for the past 100 years. Last week my friend and I went to Chicago to specifically visit Wrigley and root on the San Francisco Giants during their three game visit here. This trip had been planned since early January and I was so excited to finally visit Chicago as a tourist and get the chance to see the Cubs home park. Wrigley Field is famous for several things, it’s the oldest ballpark still being used for Major League Baseball, it has an ivy covered outfield wall and there are bleachers on many of the buildings outside the park that have views of the field. This kind of charm just can’t be manufactured, and although there are some amazing newer ballparks, this one harkens back to a different time. They still have a manual outfield scoreboard (it’s supposed to be retired after this year), they have very limited advertising and very few electronic signs. You’re reminded of a much simpler time when you actually went to a game to watch it.

A very famous corner, if you’re a fan of baseball.
100th Anniversary


Sheffield Avenue and right field
Mr. Cub- Ernie Banks
Harry Carey
The bleacher bums
My first game!!
A very important piece of paper

Not only was I excited to see the Giants take on the Cubs (they won two out of three), but I was also able to secure luxury suite tickets too. Thanks to another blogger, Mommy Points who mentioned this really cool giveaway that Starwood Hotels runs all year. They have a program called SPG Moments where they auction off various events and activities throughout the world. In this case they have a Suite at Wrigley Field and you can bid on two seats to a game. As soon as I found out about this great promotion, I went online and bid on one of the games. I figured if I was going to Wrigley, I should see a game from where the other half does. In my case I was fortunate to win the auction, it was not cheap 12,500 points about the equivalent of one night at and ultra-luxurious property in some far away land, but getting to see a game in a Suite, you just can’t beat that. Besides, it came with food and drinks, which as a beer lover I couldn’t turn down. SPG apparently runs these kind of promotions all year long and since I’ve won these tickets I keep looking for other amazing opportunities to take advantage of. For example they had ticket to Billy Joel at Wrigley, they also have a suite at Madison Square Garden in New York, and I’ve also seen tickets to auto racing events and other concerts. I recommend checking out the link if you’re looking for an once in a life time experience.

Pretty excited, luxury suite at Wrigley Field, thanks to SPG.
Dogs, pulled pork and chicken nuggets


Snack bar
The beer fridge
So excited
Killer seats under the overhang, can’t get much better then this during a rain delay.
The view from the SPG box
Oh the tarp,how can you mess this up?
Look at the Great Lakes at 3rd base.


We had a really great time exploring the town around the park known as Wrigleyville. We also had a chance to wander around the whole ballpark and get in some great views of the field. It really seemed if you were in the lower section there was not one bad seat. And when we were in the suite sitting just to the right of home plate you could make out every ball and strike, it was just great.

If you enjoy sports, baseball or want to check out a really really amazing place, Wrigley Field is definitely for you. Even though it’s old, it still makes for a great time at the park, and you’re definitely missing out if you don’t make it out to Chicago to see it.



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