Hawaiian Airlines Maui-San Jose First Class


This review is a long time coming. In August our family went to Maui for a weeklong vacation and on our trip home we had the opportunity to fly Hawaiian Airlines First Class A330-200 from Maui’s OGG airport to San Jose, Ca. This was my first time flying Hawaiian up front on a “longhaul” trip. I was excited to try out their Aloha spirit and even happier to cap off a wonderful vacation with a hopefully wonderful flight home.IMG_1305No this photo was not intended to be artistic, but my daughter wanted a picture with the plane. She’s really becoming obsessed with traveling and I love that. It makes me happy to see that my habit has rubbed off on her. This will allow us to continue to circle the globe as a family and enjoy the cultures of so many different places. After boarding we promptly took our seats in  1 C-G-H. Hawaiian employs a 2-2-2 configuration in three rows of first. They’re of the barc-a-lounger variety not the newest or fanciest type of seat, but plenty comfortable and super cushy and good enough for this flight. The seat offers reclining options for the back and a rising footrest. No personal TV (although I think they may offer an in-flight tablet) but I just can’t remember.



There was a large flat screen TV at the front that played a movie and then showed a map and various sightseeing videos the balance of the trip. Nothing uber fancy or anything like that but it worked.


Life is always good with a POG Mimosa.




Chilled ramen salad and taro roll. This was just delicious.
Braised short rib with taro mach. This too was excellent. Yes I like to carb it up!!


Overall the flight was good not great, but more then enjoyable. The Hawaiian hospitality is amazing even on the plane, and you feel it for sure. The staff were great and the food was tasty, what more can you ask for on a 5 hour domestic flight?


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