I’m Back…

Hello again. You miss me? I hope you’ve not forgotten about me. I could come up with a million reasons why I’ve not posted in over a YEAR but I’ll save you the excuses and just say I was lazy.

The crazy thing is, that I’ve had some amazing times doing some fun stuff and even documented them on my phone, so I could have content to post to the blog. But for some reason I just didn’t finish any of posts.

So what have I been up to the last 18 months? Well let’s see. My family and I sold two houses, moved once, our daughter started kindergarten and will be in the first grade in a few months. We went to the Maldives for two weeks (and that was six days after we moved). I visited Turkey, Manchester, and Munich all on one trip that included Oktoberfest too. We went to Hawaii for a week over spring break too, and three visits to Disneyworld. Add in all the work trips which equated approximately 175,000 miles in the air and over 150 segments. That being said I’m not writing this to brag or make you feel sorry for me. It’s just a way to explain what the heck I’ve been up to.

Stay Tuned.

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