Roasted Marshmallows and Redwood Tree’s

Like millions of other Americans over the Memorial Day weekend the family and I went camping. Most years we usually go out twice, but in the past two years with a little kid running around the house we were just not that adventurous. With S turning two very soon, we thought it was about time to rip off the band aide and go camping. We had picked the Richardson Grove State Park on a recommendation of some friends and we were not disappointed. It’s about 200 miles north of San Francisco just past the Mendocino county border in Humboldt County right off US 101. Even though this is a major freeway in many parts of CA, where the campground is, it’s a narrow one lane freeway (in each direction). There is just something to be said about disconnecting from the everyday hustle and bustle from TV’s, internet and all things electronic. You are reminded about how beautiful this country is, and about all the bounty it has to offer. And most importantly spending time with family without the daily distractions of life. We had a really great time and I would definitely recommend this campground again. The sites were very very large, they were not on top of each other and the grounds were spotless. Thanks California for doing something right in these tight budget times. Below you’ll see a few of my favorite parts of hanging out in the redwoods.
















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