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Pub Crawl Disney Style


Beer’s around the world can make you do crazy things.

When you’re at Walt Disney World and have a free afternoon at Epcot what should you do? Have an Around The World Pub Crawl of course. Back in early November when my family was there I had to take the opportunity to tick this one item off my bucket list. Yeah I know kind of cheesy, but at least I didn’t buy a t-shirt to commemorate the achievement. Here’s my accomplishment in all it’s glory. For all you beer aficionados, no I didn’t take notes of what I drank. Sorry.

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Eating My Way Through Kansas City…MMMM

What a great food trip to KC. I was there for work but these three places came highy regarderd and I had to try them out. All three were good, but the first two Jack Stack and KC Joe’s (formerly Okloahoma Joe’s were outstanding). Sadly Arthur Bryant’s was not, I have to imagine it had to do with going to the strip mall location not the original. Big mistake!! Next time check out the address and info first, darn you Yelp.

In any event the burnt ends at Jack Stack were flipping Amazing, and the pulled pork and fries at KC Joe’s were over the top g-oo-d.

Next time your in Kansas City, check ’em out.

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Review: American Airlines Business Class London to LAX On The Newish 77W

As part of my whirlwind mileage run to Dublin Ireland last month I had the opportunity to sit in Business Class on the newish American Airlines 77W from London to Los Angeles. I had booked an elcheapo ticket thanks to the FLIGHTDEAL and their dogged approach to finding the best and cheapest flights worldwide. In any event thanks to them I had this great deal and then used one of my eight hard-earned upgrade coupons to bump myself up to Business.

Upon boarding the plane I took a seat in 9k. This plane offers four classes of service. First Class with two rows (8 seats) in a 1-2-1 configuration with all seats offering direct isle access. Business Class has 52 seats also in  1-2-1 configuration and also direct isle access, there is a min cabin too and it offers a private feel and only 8 of the total Business Class seats. The balance of the plane has Main Cabin Extra and Economy Class. If you want a review on that products check out my review here. What I love about the Business Class seat, is that they offer a pretty darn private seat and environment. Since the seats are in a reverse herringbone pattern, the seats on the window angle towards them, and the ones in the middle angle tword each other, so with this type of setup you have a private space to call your home for the next 10 hours as was the case for me. If you’re traveling with someone else and want to talk to them the middle seats are best.


The AA Business class cabin – 52 seats in total. Notice mini-cabin of 8. Thanks Seat Guru for the image

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Review: New and Improved American Airlines First Class Meals


American has recently improved their food offerings on domestic flights offering first and business class. As of 11/18 these new changes went into effect. Here’s and excerpt from the email they sent out:

More meals on more flights: We’ll offer you a full meal with your choice of entrée on all flights approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes or longer

Warm mixed nuts – an American favorite: We’ll reintroduce warm mixed nuts on all flights longer than approximately 2 hours

Upgraded Lite Bites basket: We’ll improve our Lite Bites basket on flights less than approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes to include a better selection of sandwiches, fresh fruit, breakfast breads, snacks and more

Signature made‑to‑order sundaes: We’ll bring back our made-to-order sundaes for dessert on flights approximately 4 hours and 30 minutes or longer


My meal

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After a 12 year hiatus, I came back. I love love love this place. NOBU, I hope I can come back again sooner then 12 years. I had a great meal, and I hope you enjoy my meal as much as I did.









Soba fries, seriously good


Tempura hand roll, eel and salmon sushi


The best assorted Tempura ever

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Mamas Fish House – Paia, Hawaii


Happy 10 year anniversary

There’s not much to say here except that this is by far one of my favorite places to have dinner when visiting Maui. I have only been to the island three times, but my wife has always made it a point to make sure we have one meal here. It’s right on the beach and although a very large restaurant, it’s broken up into many smaller dining rooms, so you never really feel like you’re in a crowded place even though it probably seats 200+. Being that it’s so iconic it’s THE place to visit on a special occasion, like ours.

As usual the food was amazing and the service was excellent. We also felt welcome bringing our kid, we didn’t see too many there during our visit, but there were a few. Always a plus when you’re not the only parent that gets to bring your kid out to dinner on a very very special occasion and knowing others have too. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.


The entrance to the parking lot

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Making Cofffeeee



Kona Coffee on my in-laws farm is truly a labor of love. Except for the husking and roasting the rest of the process is 100% manual. When we were visiting last week we had a chance to help harvest some of the trees. They have a small stand of some 50 or so, and can produce a fair share of real Kona Coffee right here on the Kona Coast each year. It’s a pretty cool process to watch and participate in (although I really only watched), my wife and daughter did all the harvesting. Continue reading

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My Chicago Food Tour

What else do you do in Chicago besides baseball and sightseeing? Eat of course! This is a town with so many acclaimed chefs and amazing restaurants. Beside the fancy places you have so many simple yet great foods to eat here too. Although the main focus of this trip was baseball, I had to eat so here are a few pictures of some of my favorites.


My first meal in Chicago, the amazing LOU…Malnatis

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The 1800 mile pizza delivery


Lou Malnati’s is damn good pizza, I repeat damn good pizza. They are a Chicago institution and make a mean pizza. They have an amazing butter crust, the perfect amount of cheese and simple toppings. In this case I picked up three of them (sausage, pepperoni and vegetarian). They offer premade fresh frozen pizzas, so I had to take some home so my wife could experience it. Since this was not in the original plan, I had to confirm that the hotel would keep them frozen in the kitchen then I hit up Trader Joe’s for an insulated cooler bag, and I was set. Continue reading

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Chicago or Bust: Baseball, Pizza and Beer


Vacation is finally here, and my buddy Tony and I are heading to Chicago for the week to stalk the San Francisco Giants while they’re on the road playing the Loveable Losers, the Cubs. This is our fourth year going on a road trip with the Giants. In years past we’ve gone to Miami, St. Louis and last year Denver and Cincinnati. These trips have always been super fun, but this year is different. We’re going to Wrigley Freaking Field the second oldest park currently being used for Major League Baseball and it’s their 100th anniversary.

Wrigley Field is just one of those very very special places in baseball history. The Cubs sadly have the moniker as the “loveable losers”, a team everyone loves even though they just stink most years. They have not won the World Series since 1908 and have not even been to the Fall Classic since 1945 although have made seven trips since 1908. Beyond all of this futility, it was not till 1984 that they even made the playoffs again. Since 1984 they have been to the playoffs six times and have only won one series back in 2003. Needless to say their habit of not winning can’t be matched by any other baseball team, there are a few that have never been or won a world series but we’re talking 40 years or less not 106. Ouch.

So besides heading to Chicago to catch three Cubs games, we’re also going to a White Sox game as well. That being said we’ll also get a chance to sample some deep dish pizza, beer and get in a few sights too. I’ve only been to Downtown Chicago once and it was back in 1998. I was there for work, so I didn’t get much else in besides that, so to be able to get a week to see the city, eat food from some amazing places and check out the ivy in the outfield is just phenomenal. I’m so excited.

Stay tuned for future posts on our flights out to Chicago, the amazing food, the hotel we’re staying at and of course on the games. Did I mention we’re sitting in a Luxury Suite one of the games? What what.

If you’re into instant gratification, I’d recommend following me on Twitter or Instagram for up to the minute postings, or of course you can just wait till you see my ramblings

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