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Walkabout: Pittsburgh



On our way to PITT

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Walkabout: Central Park Songdo, South Korea 

I had an unexpected overnight in Seoul, South Korea, while jaunting around the world. After securing a hotel on the day of arrival, something my OCD would never allow me to do. I had a free morning to explore prior to my flight home. Since I had not even planned on being in Korea, I had not researched anything to do, although the DMZ it tops on my list. Sadly, there was just not enough time to o that.

I stayed in the Songdo area which is a 10 year new International Business District, that was wholly built on 1500 acres of reclaimed land from the Yellow Sea. Across from my hotel was a really beautiful green space called Central Park, that apparently covers 10% of the IBD. It’s surrounded on three sides by majestic modern skyscrapers and the sea on the last side. Running down the middle was a meandering river, tons of hiking trails and just a lot of open space.

I had a great time wandering the park and enjoying a chilly 40• March morning.

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It’s A Lounge It’s A Terminal It’s A Lounge- Emirates First Class Lounge Dubai Terminal 3



The main entrance to the First Class Lounge Terminal 3

After a wonderful flight from San Francisco I had a little wait in Dubai. I had landed a little after 7 PM and had a glorious departure to Seoul at 2 AM. Yeah was I psyched!! Really I was not, this was a crummy time to have to hang around the airport or the city. I could have left the airport for 4 hours or so, but I’m not sure what I could have done after say 10 PM. I’m sure there’s stuff open, but I really didn’t do much research, and wasn’t in the mood to just wander around. Now if it was earlier in the day I would have for sure done that but with that late of a departure, I knew I would be tired soon and didn’t want to “find something to do”. The alternative was get a hotel either in the airport or outside, but again for the short duration, I was not keen on spending upwards of $150 USD for a bed. Continue reading

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Eating My Way Through Kansas City…MMMM

What a great food trip to KC. I was there for work but these three places came highy regarderd and I had to try them out. All three were good, but the first two Jack Stack and KC Joe’s (formerly Okloahoma Joe’s were outstanding). Sadly Arthur Bryant’s was not, I have to imagine it had to do with going to the strip mall location not the original. Big mistake!! Next time check out the address and info first, darn you Yelp.

In any event the burnt ends at Jack Stack were flipping Amazing, and the pulled pork and fries at KC Joe’s were over the top g-oo-d.

Next time your in Kansas City, check ’em out.

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After a 12 year hiatus, I came back. I love love love this place. NOBU, I hope I can come back again sooner then 12 years. I had a great meal, and I hope you enjoy my meal as much as I did.









Soba fries, seriously good


Tempura hand roll, eel and salmon sushi


The best assorted Tempura ever

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Hoofing it: Wandering the Windy City (and by Boat)

I had a great time in Chicago, it was a really great city to walk around and enjoy. The city is just enormous and has some of the tallest building in North America. It also well was/is home to some storied companies such as Sears, Montgomery Ward, F.W. Woolworth’s, Prudential, Wrigley and the local Tribune newspaper.

During our visit I had a chance to take the amazing Architectural river boat cruise and see many of these amazing buildings for a really great vantage point. The tour was really really great. It truly brought the city to life and allowed me to see the city on a way that I had not expected to see it in. The tour guide did a great job of describing the buildings and explaining why they were designed the way they were and talked a ton about the history of the city and its growth. Besides that he added a good bit of humor to keep the tour light and interesting too. I know that if I had not been on this three hour tour (really just 1 ½), I would not have come away from Chicago with  as much knowledge as I did about the history of it.


My golden ticket for the Architectural Boat Tour


Trump Tower,second largest building in Chicago.

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My Chicago Food Tour

What else do you do in Chicago besides baseball and sightseeing? Eat of course! This is a town with so many acclaimed chefs and amazing restaurants. Beside the fancy places you have so many simple yet great foods to eat here too. Although the main focus of this trip was baseball, I had to eat so here are a few pictures of some of my favorites.


My first meal in Chicago, the amazing LOU…Malnatis

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Review: Conrad Chicago


Hotel entrance and walkway to Nordstroms

I like Conrad Hotels, check that I love Conrad Hotels. Ever since our first stay at the Conrad Bali in 2007 I have been hooked on this chain. Of the 24 current locations of this boutique hotel chain operated by Hilton I’ve since stayed in eight of them, and overall I have loved all of them.

The Conrad Chicago, was no exception. Sure it’s not an amazing resort hotel like the Conrad Maldives or Bali, but for a city hotel it was good. The hotel interior was beautiful. The lobby as you can see has tons of seating, with several small intimate areas which was great. The lobby also featured a separate indoor and outdoor bar called Terraces. Unfortunately the outdoor area was closed except for my first night. I figured I’d have plenty of time to check it out, but unfortunately due to the rain and crummy weather it was always closed. Next time I need to strike while the iron is hot. That being said the bar was pretty hip, had a nice drink menu and was a nice hangout. Continue reading

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Photo of the Week: July 19



View of the Hilton Hawaiian Village on Waikiki Beach during the Friday Night Fireworks!!


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Our babies have flown the nest


Mommy holding down the fort

We’ve been very lucky to have a hummingbird family living in our backyard for the past month or so. My wife first spotted the nest and the mommy and then several other hummingbirds hanging around our enormous Oak tree. We finally found the postage stamp of a nest, no bigger than a golf ball. It truly was an amazing site, and I spent countless hours just staring at it and the bird incubating its eggs.


The nest is so small

Finally one day we saw babies, yes two little guys hanging out in the nest. I just can’t tell you how incredible it was to see mommy and two little birdies attempt to live in this minuscule house. But man was it cute. Sadly after about two weeks of living with mom the birds vanished, we hope that flew away but other than that we have not had any sightings of the babies. I think I still see the mom around occasionally, but we never did get to see the kiddos fly. Continue reading

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