Admirals Club Orlando: My Dreams Have Finally Come True

img_7334-1You have no idea how excited I am that there’s finally an Admirals Club in Orlando. I’ve been through this airport eight times in the past year and had exclusively flown American Airlines on these trips. And I’ve sat in the main rotunda every time waiting for my departure. Every trip I check out or Priority Pass (yes they have lounges at MCO but not plane side in Terminal B that I can go to) looking for a lounge I can use. And every time I’m denied. Well as luck would have it finally on April 14th my dreams had finally come true, an NEW ADMIRALS CLUB!!! YIPPEE.On this day, after again finding nothing on the the AA AP or on Priority Pass in Terminal B, I decided to head to the United Lounge. I had a few expiring passes thanks to being Hyatt Diamond err Globalist and I figured I might as well burn one. Long story short I slummed it there for a bit before my flight to LAX. About 30 minutes prior to boarding, I decided to head to the gate area and find some decent food (does that exist in MCO because I’m still searching). As I’m walking down the hallway I see this kid with an all too familiar brownie and the green and white paper soup/cereal/oatmeal cups of the Admirals Club. I was thinking “HMM where did that come from.”

That’s when I saw it, and oasis in the desert. YES YES YES an Admirals Club!!! As it turns out this location had only been open for less then two weeks, and for some reason the crack IT team at AA had not updated their website that it was open.

Above the spiral staircase leading to the lower level of the lounge, is this cool sculpture.

The lounge is located halfway down the terminal B  hall near gate 54/55. Once though the glass doors you’ll find yourself in a smallish lounge that resides on the main terminal level and lower one too. The main level has several seating pods as well as a small dining area where you’ll find drinks and crackers, plus an amazing Coke Freestyle Machine. There’s also a small area off behind the lobby with some high backed pods (pictured immediately below).


One of the many seating areas upstairs with views of the tarmac when the curtains are open
The amazing Coke Freestyle Machine

If you’ve not tried a Coke Freestyle Machine what have you been waiting for? It’s a full service soda fountain with hundreds of drink combinations. Think Vanilla, Cherry or Raspberry Coke/Lemonade or Iced Tea for starters. This machine is on the main level, downstairs for all you lushes, is a bar. So don’t worry you still can drink a bad free cocktail if you need one.

Pictured below more seating upstairsimg_7318-1


I realized that I didn’t take many pictures of the important stuff downstairs. Like the aar, and dining area, plus ground level view of the airport. What kind of blogger am I? Not a good one apparently. That being said I want to say they had seating and tables for about 30 people, plus room at the bar for five more. The restrooms, two individual bathrooms one male one female were downstairs too. I’m surprised since they created a new lounge that they just didn’t make them unisex. It sure would keep the lines down.


Seating area and food stations with the usual suspects. Hot soups, salad, vegetables, with cheese cubes and ranch dressing. Yum right?img_7327-1


Conclusion: Needless to say having a new AA lounge in the portfolio is wonderful. I’m impressed with the design and decor. American is in the process of renovating many of their domestic lounges and if this is the theme their going for, I’m happy. I like the look of the furniture and fixtures and look forward to what they can do when the renovations are completed in Dallas and New York.





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