Review: American Airlines Dallas to Kona Business Class

Trip Report April 1st 2017 Dallas to Kona 4/1 767-300

American Airlines Flight 229 Departing 10:45 AM Arriving 1:46 PM

Duration 8:09

Business Class Seat 4A

Finally in Hawaii. I love deplaning onto the tarmac

After an unexpected overnight delay in Dallas and an intervention by an AAngel who got me on the nonstop from DFW I was set for Kona. I was excited to fly nonstop to Hawaii from Dallas, this was the longest domestic NS I’ve ever flown clocking in at 3724 miles.I went to the plane about 10 minutes prior to boarding, people seem to always be happy going to Hawaii, and this was no different especially when it was during spring break. Once they started boarding I made my way onto the plane. The AA 767 is mostly used for long-haul domestic flights and shorter international destinations. These are some of the older planes in the fleet and although I enjoy the lie flat seat the fact that these planes don’t offer in-seat entertainment, Wi-Fi or in seat power in coach so on an eight hour trip this could be a slog.

img_7185-1The 767 offers seven rows in a 1-2-1 configuration in business totaling 28 seats and coach has 181 seats in a 2-3-2 setup. As I mentioned earlier there’s no in seat entertainment or Wi-Fi, although in business they provide a Galaxy tablet loaded with a bunch of movies and TV shows and they also offer in seat power upfront too. Again I’m somehow missing why they’d not offer Wi-Fi or power throughout the airplane. In today’s world having this kind of basic technology on an airplane is unbelievable, let alone on an eight hour flight.img_7186

A view from the the door heading to my seat
My seat
Ample side table, with plenty of room for my stuff, and a cubby for water and POWER
My tray table half out
YES a standard power port
The seat controls. I just needed a position between flat and upright
Legroom to really stretch out. Oh yeah did I mention I had an unexpected overnight in Dallas? Check out my jeans to Hawaii.

Once I settled into my seat, I was given a glass of sparkling wine and the menu for lunch.

Drink options (please click enlarge to view)
Meal options (please click to enlarge)
Yummy, warm nuts with candied fruit

About 30 minutes after takeoff I was served a delicious warm tropical nut mix. It contained some candies pecans and candied dried fruit too. This was a nice touch for a flight to Hawaii, when you usually just get the assorted non fruit variety.

Accompanying my Char Sui Pineapple Pork appetizer, was a Boston lettuce and tomato salad with Miso Dressing. Both items tasted fresh and were actually quite delicious. Were they the most creative items I’ve eaten on a plane? No. But they tasted good and helped continue the spirit of Aloha.

As for my entree, I selected the steamed sea bass with soy glaze instead of the lentil chili. Seriously chili on an airplane, what are they trying to do make the plane smell more fragrant? That being said the fish was not dry it was seasoned well and tasted good. The soy glaze helped a lot. The rice on the other had was dry and crunchy. Who needs rice anyway.

My appetizer and salad
Lunch is served
Sea Bass with Soy Glaze and Rice

Finally after lunch was cleared I had a sundae. I’ve said this a million times, and I’ll say it again. Any flight is 1000% better when you’re served a sundae. Period. Nuff Said. In this case vanilla ice cream, pineapple compote, chocolate covered macadamia nuts and whipped cream. YUMMY.

Who wouldn’t want an ice cream sundae for desert

Conclusion: The flight was long, but felt longer. I’ve had the pleasure of flying LAX to Abu Dhabi the sixth longest flight in the world at almost 17 hours, and frankly this felt longer. I think that was because I was going on vacation and meeting my family there. Sure I’ve done that before but that was planned, this was not. So that eight hour trek just never seemed to end.

Did I enjoy the flight? Yes. It was a lie flat seat with ample leg room and a wide enough seat for my taste. There was plenty of space to store my stuff and I had entertainment because of the Galaxy tablet. I was able to watch three or four movies, eat enough food and sleep for a bit too. What else could I want? My family. At least they were there to greet me on the other end to start a wonderful vacation.

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