28 Days

CaptureAs has been the norm over the last five years, I tend to travel a lot. Frankly sometimes too much! But hey it is what it is. Well to that point over a 28 day span this was my schedule.

Day 1 Fly to Phoenix for spring training

Day 1-2 Hang out in Phoenix catch some rays and see a few ballgames

Day 2 Head to Vancouver

Day 2-7 Work in Vancouver

Day 7 Fly home

Day 8 Little league game family time

Day 9 Fly from San Francisco to Wichita get stuck overnight in Dallas

Day 10 Fly to Oklahoma City because all flights it Wichita were full and drive 3 hours to Wichita

Day 10-15 Work in Wichita

Day 15 Fly home to San Francisco get stuck in Dallas again overnight. This causes a problem because I’m going to misconnect in San Francisco due to the forced layover for my trip to Hawaii the next day stay tuned…

Day 16 Fly direct from Dallas to Kona, Hawaii

Day 16-24 VACATION!!!!!

Day 24 Fly home

Day 25 Head to Daytona Beach

Day 25-28 Work in Daytona Beach

Day 28 Fly Home

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