American Express Centurion Lounge Las Vegas


I had a quick trip to the American Express Centurion Lounge Las Vegas. A few months ago. I was excited to finally make my first visit. On previous jaunts through LAS I was either running late or traveling via a different terminal so having time and being in the right terminal finally had its privileges.



This lounge reminded me of the Dallas location with similar green tones, lots of marble and expansive feel. What this location had that Dallas doesn’t was the views of the tarmac. Always a plus in my book.



As for the important parts drink and food, they had a nice specialty cocktail menu which “forced” me to have a Vesper Martini, and two of the sweet crème and berry compotes. Damn you for being so tasty.

They actually had a nice spread of hot foods, fresh salads, cookies and deserts. Unfortunatly I forgot to take pictures of the other food options or of the drink menu, but trust me both were impressive. One of my favorite parts of the Amex lounges would be the unique menus per location. Don’t expect the same food and drink when you visit Dallas, Las Vegas, SFO or one of the others for example.


Vesper Martini


Rambutan, Turkey sandwich and sweet creme and berry compote


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