Asiana First Class Lounge-Seoul Inchon

Asiana First Class Lounge-Seoul Inchon


Cashing in my last 300,000 United miles

American Express Centurion Lounge San Francisco

Flying First Class on Lufthansa Seattle-Frankfurt

Rubber Ducks, Cured Meats and VOSS – Lufthansa First Class Lounge Frankfurt

Flying First Class on Thai Airways also on the a380

Thai Airways Domestic Business Class -Bangkok to Koh Samui

Conrad Koh Samui Amazing Hotel, Less Then Amazing Service

The Cutest Airport in the world – Koh Samui

Asiana Regional Business Class- Bangkok to Seoul

Asiana First Class Lounge- Seoul Inchon

Asiana a380 Seoul to Los Angeles

Visiting Thailand and the island of Koh Samui

The lounge view from the dining area

After a sleep filled flight from Bangkok to Seoul, we had eight hours to kill  at the airport We decided that the best place to do that would be in the Asiana First Class lounge. We arrived at 6 AM and our departure was around 2 PM. Upon arrival in the lounge we found many open sections. Although there were a few people in the lounge maybe 8, it was so large that it felt incredibly empty. In fact there was not one time that I ever felt crowded. It was an incredible departure from the Thai business class lounge we were at in Bangkok and most lounges in the US. Then again it’s a first class lounge, and you have to be flying on one of the Star Alliance first class flights to have access.

The lounge is very large and must have a huge capacity, but I really wonder how much use it does get since there’s a limited amount of first class flights at the Asiana hub. Even though the lounge is designed in dark wood tones and features a library like feel, but because one whole side of the lounge is covered in shaded windows it really has an open airy feel. I would say it’s a very classy design, and not over the top, but if I had to rank it, it’s probably in the top 5 of where I’ve been, but Lufthansa’s First Class Lounge in Frankfurt, Quanta First Class Sydney, Cathay’s fleet of lounges in Hong Kong and Singapore Airlines Private Room would be better. Don’t get me wrong it’s nice, just very understated.


Main entrance sign at Asiana First Class Lounge -Seoul Inchon Airport

 The offered many smaller intimate sections so when you had a long layover like us, you had space to spread out, and you didn’t feel like a jerk since it was so quiet.

One of many seating areas


More lounge seating


The library area, with a limited view of the gates


Care to play


“Ensconced” for 6 hours


TV room

They had a pretty decent food selection too. With breakfast items in the morning and lunch/dinner in the afternoon. Plus they had a noodle menu that you could order off of, which was the only made to order items available. Since my clock was so screwed up, I only had ramen, during our stay but the food looked fine. They also offered a mid-level selection of sprints, beer and wine. Sorry no JW Blue (rumored to be served here) but other ok options.

Coffee machin


The food spread


One of these tiny ice creams cost $10 USD at our hotel in Koh Samui. Ouch.



Nothing beats spicy ramen and Bailey’s and coffee


They also offered shower rooms that made for a refreshing morning. If you’ve never taken a shower at an airport you’re missing out. There’s something about getting refreshed before or after a long flight that can’ be beat.



I freaking love love love Asian toilets

Overall this was a nice lounge, not the best but definitely better than a poke in the eye or roaming the airport for 8 hours. It was not opulent, but was quiet and relaxing.


  1. […] After a nice flight from SFO and a three hour visit to the Asiana First Class Lounge in Seoul. It was time for my final flight of the day to Tokyo’s Narita Airport on Asiana Airlines. Initially I was denied access to the Asiana Lounge, when I showed them my United boarding pass, but once I showed them I was in First and connecting to Asiana in Business the agent let me in. I’m not sure if I actually have access but I gladly accepted it. I’m not going to review my visit here, but you can read it about my December visit here. […]


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