Trip Report: Asiana Shorthaul Business Class Seoul-Tokyo


Trip Report: Asiana Shorthaul Business Class Seoul-Tokyo

Boarding time

After a nice flight from SFO and a three hour visit to the Asiana First Class Lounge in Seoul. It was time for my final flight of the day to Tokyo’s Narita Airport on Asiana Airlines. Initially I was denied access to the Asiana Lounge, when I showed them my United boarding pass, but once I showed them I was in First and connecting to Asiana in Business the agent let me in. I’m not sure if I actually have access but I gladly accepted it. I’m not going to review my visit here, but you can read it about my December visit here.

Asiana a321


So I headed to the gate about 20 minutes prior to boarding. The walk was about 10 minutes and I wanted to make sure I had a chance to take pictures of the check in area and the plane. I was able to do that, but because it was so far away, I didn’t get any good close ups of the plane. I did get a close up of the Coach Class line though. It seemed like it went on forever. What was funny about the line was it initially was in front of the premium line, and I was shocked at how many people were in it, hey they made them move to the right spot, and it was a mad dash to get first in line. Pretty funny moment.

When it was time to board, the line for premium travelers was small so we quickly got on board and I settled into my isle seat in row two. On this trip I was flying on an airbus a320 with three rows of 2×2 seating. It was not any more comfortable than any normal first class seat on a US airline if you’re sitting up front. Legroom was minimal but I didn’t expect that much on a 2 hour flight.

Economy Class line up. Thank you Business Class ticket


Regional Business Class seat. Not much to write home about


Shortly after getting settled they offered a pre-departure beverage of water or orange juice. We also were provided slippers and a local Korean paper. I don’t know what to say, except that I love slippers on planes, although I don’t know of any airline accept Asian ones that offer them even in coach. It’s just a nice little touch and allows you to stretch your toes w/out having to walk around in your socks. There weren’t any other amenities offered, but on this short of a flight what else do you need?

Legroom, and Slippers. I don’t know what it is about them, but as soon as I get to Asia, I must wear them all the time.

We were offered a meal as well, I was unable to take a picture of the menu offerrings. The Asian choice was Bulgogi a Korean dish that consists of grilled marinated beef. In this case it came with a side of extremely fresh green lettuces and other leafy greens plus a side dip of ssamjang and white rice. This was my first time eating Bulgogi and it was delicious. The beef was tender and incredibly flavorful. Plus wrapping it in greens and sauce, just made it taste even better. The greens were of all varieties, and I didn’t recognize half of them. It was a really great meal, and I can only imagine how good it would be at a normal restaurant. I didn’t leave a morsel on the tray.

A pretty good meal on a 2 hour flight.

There’s not much else to say about the flight. They offered overhead entertainment, but I didn’t see any headphones passed out. There were jack in each seat, but the program was in Koran w/out subtitles so I didn’t bother checking it out. The staff were friendly as usual. Upon boarding and departure, the purser came by knelt down and welcomed and thanked each person individually for traveling on Asiana. It was a nice touch and I appreciate it. The seat was just like any United or American flight in First Class on a domestic US trip.


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