Visiting the Mecca of Baseball: Wrigley Field Chicago

Wrigley Field, what a gem. I was so excited to finally make it to this mecca, where they have been playing baseball for the past 100 years. Last week my friend and I went to Chicago to specifically visit Wrigley and root on the San Francisco Giants during their three game visit here. This trip had been planned since early January and I was so excited to finally visit Chicago as a tourist and get the chance to see the Cubs home park. Wrigley Field is famous for several things, it’s the oldest ballpark still being used for Major League Baseball, it has an ivy covered outfield wall and there are bleachers on many of the buildings outside the park that have views of the field. This kind of charm just can’t be manufactured, and although there are some amazing newer ballparks, this one harkens back to a different time. They still have a manual outfield scoreboard (it’s supposed to be retired after this year), they have very limited advertising and very few electronic signs. You’re reminded of a much simpler time when you actually went to a game to watch it.


A very famous corner, if you’re a fan of baseball.


100th Anniversary

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Chicago or Bust: Baseball, Pizza and Beer


Vacation is finally here, and my buddy Tony and I are heading to Chicago for the week to stalk the San Francisco Giants while they’re on the road playing the Loveable Losers, the Cubs. This is our fourth year going on a road trip with the Giants. In years past we’ve gone to Miami, St. Louis and last year Denver and Cincinnati. These trips have always been super fun, but this year is different. We’re going to Wrigley Freaking Field the second oldest park currently being used for Major League Baseball and it’s their 100th anniversary.

Wrigley Field is just one of those very very special places in baseball history. The Cubs sadly have the moniker as the “loveable losers”, a team everyone loves even though they just stink most years. They have not won the World Series since 1908 and have not even been to the Fall Classic since 1945 although have made seven trips since 1908. Beyond all of this futility, it was not till 1984 that they even made the playoffs again. Since 1984 they have been to the playoffs six times and have only won one series back in 2003. Needless to say their habit of not winning can’t be matched by any other baseball team, there are a few that have never been or won a world series but we’re talking 40 years or less not 106. Ouch.

So besides heading to Chicago to catch three Cubs games, we’re also going to a White Sox game as well. That being said we’ll also get a chance to sample some deep dish pizza, beer and get in a few sights too. I’ve only been to Downtown Chicago once and it was back in 1998. I was there for work, so I didn’t get much else in besides that, so to be able to get a week to see the city, eat food from some amazing places and check out the ivy in the outfield is just phenomenal. I’m so excited.

Stay tuned for future posts on our flights out to Chicago, the amazing food, the hotel we’re staying at and of course on the games. Did I mention we’re sitting in a Luxury Suite one of the games? What what.

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Photo of the week: June 21


It’s only been seven years, but back in 2007 the San Francisco Giants hosted Major League Baseballs All-Star Game. I can’t believe it’s been that long. If you go to AT&T Park and have a seat on the Club Level they have a huge display of memorabilia ranging from bubbleheads to World Series trophies next time you’re at the park get a ticket for that section and check it out.

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Visiting Birdland



Another week another Major League Ballpark ticketed off the list. This past week I had the pleasure of visiting one of the “new” retro stadiums Oriole Park at Camden Yards in Baltimore. This park opened in 1992 and really started the renaissance of retro parks. It is the benchmark of which many park strived to achieve, and I was really really happy to finally get to see it in person. Below you’ll see a short photo essay of my visit. If you’re into baseball recommend a trip here you won’t be disappointed. Continue reading

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Photo of the Week: June 14


Dave Niehaus, the voice of the Seattle Mariners from the beginning starting with their first game on April 6, 1977. He called 5,284 over 34 years for the Mariners until his passing in 2010. He had the very classic quote on all Mariners Home Runs “Break out the rye bread grandma it’s a Grand Salami !”

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Tropicana Field: The Worst Ballpark in America?


Right Field Entrance

Two ballparks 100% completely opposite in almost every way, including being on opposite sides of the country to boot. My Tampa Bay Rays road trip continued one week later at their hometown park in St. Petersburg Florida. I was in Seattle one week earlier and got a chance to see the Mariners put a walloping on the Rays to the tune of 12 – 5. The following week I was in Tampa for work and this time I got to see them loose to my hometown Oakland Athletics 3 – 0. Hey what luck not only did I get to see two games one week apart but I got to see them at parks not in my hometown state of California. Plus I got to visit what many people call “the worst ballpark in America”.


Yes this is a Baseball Stadium

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Safeco Field- Seattle


Left field entrance

I love baseball. I just love it. I don’t get to go as often I did when I was younger and had less responsibilities, but I still get out there and do my best to see as many games as I can. I was lucky enough to get in a game a few weeks ago when I was in Seattle, and had a chance to take in my second game at Safeco Field, the home of the Mariners.

I’ve got to say that I really like this ballpark. It’s just a fun place to watch a game. Especially when it’s warm and sunny like it was the three days I was in town. In fact they said on the news several times that they set record temperatures for mid-May. It was in the mid 80’s and didn’t rain four days in a row. Apparently that has not happened since last August. No wonder Seattleites can be a little strange at times, lack of sunshine and rainy days can really make some people strange. But seriously, I love Seattle, and enjoy the city no matter the weather, but I was spoiled on my trip when it was sunnier then all get out. Continue reading

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Photo of the Week: May 17


I glove you man


I had a great visit to Seattle this week. I got to visit two old friends one I haven’t seen in over 20 years. It was a good work week, but the best part of the trip was going to Safeco Field and watching the Mariners take down the Tampa Bay Rays 12-4. Wow what a game. This metal sculpture is outside the left field entrance and is a neat homage to the old 20’s style gloves.


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Yeti Up, Yet’s Go!



The shirt my wife and friend designed for their Expedition Team

Our trip to Florida is finally here, We’ve been in desperate need of a vacation. As a Christmas gift to my wife I had signed her up for the Run Disney Expedition Everest 5k Challenge. She’s become a runner, and has done several 5, 10k and half marathons, like there no big thing. Two of her races have been at Disneyland, and I know she really wanted to do a race at Walt Disney World. So I though what better then to sign her up. No I won’t be running, someone has to watch the kid while she runs. Pretty good excuse huh?

I waited to book airfare, till after I gave her the gift. Just in case this was not her idea of a good time. I knew the running part would be easy since she can roll out of bed any morning and do 5k, before I even wake up. But I had no idea if the scavenger hunt part would be something that she’d be into. Thankfully she was up for it, and my gift was not a flop.

Stay tuned for more about our trip. From planning a weeklong vacation at WDW, flying across the country with our almost three year old and even a few packing tips.


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Spring is here, a day at AT&T Park

Finally my first Ballgame of the season, it only took 10 home games. But hey I’ve been busy so what can I say. The best part about the day was that the weather was awesome, it had been raining all day and I was worried that the game might be called. If it was and they had to makeup the game that weekend I would not have been able to go. But by 4 pm when we headed out to the park, it was just perfect. Thank you baseball gods!!! 20140501-190643.jpg

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