The 1800 mile pizza delivery


Lou Malnati’s is damn good pizza, I repeat damn good pizza. They are a Chicago institution and make a mean pizza. They have an amazing butter crust, the perfect amount of cheese and simple toppings. In this case I picked up three of them (sausage, pepperoni and vegetarian). They offer premade fresh frozen pizzas, so I had to take some home so my wife could experience it. Since this was not in the original plan, I had to confirm that the hotel would keep them frozen in the kitchen then I hit up Trader Joe’s for an insulated cooler bag, and I was set.


Still very cold and partially frozen even after 8 hours in a cooler bag.

So first thing in the morning I grabbed my pizzas, put them in the bag and headed to the airport. Once there I went to the Admirals Club grabbed some ice, dropped them in a couple Ziploc bags and away we went. The pizzas made it home seven hours later, from doorstep to doorstep, then that night in the oven they went and viola we had pizza. The pizza made and eaten at the restaurant was a 10, I would give this and 8.5, which for an 1800 mile delivery is not bad.


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