Eating My Way Through Kansas City…MMMM

What a great food trip to KC. I was there for work but these three places came highy regarderd and I had to try them out. All three were good, but the first two Jack Stack and KC Joe’s (formerly Okloahoma Joe’s were outstanding). Sadly Arthur Bryant’s was not, I have to imagine it had to do with going to the strip mall location not the original. Big mistake!! Next time check out the address and info first, darn you Yelp.

In any event the burnt ends at Jack Stack were flipping Amazing, and the pulled pork and fries at KC Joe’s were over the top g-oo-d.

Next time your in Kansas City, check ’em out.

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The 1800 mile pizza delivery


Lou Malnati’s is damn good pizza, I repeat damn good pizza. They are a Chicago institution and make a mean pizza. They have an amazing butter crust, the perfect amount of cheese and simple toppings. In this case I picked up three of them (sausage, pepperoni and vegetarian). They offer premade fresh frozen pizzas, so I had to take some home so my wife could experience it. Since this was not in the original plan, I had to confirm that the hotel would keep them frozen in the kitchen then I hit up Trader Joe’s for an insulated cooler bag, and I was set. Continue reading

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Salt & Straw Seriously Great Ice Cream

Honest, simple and local ingredients. It’s really not that difficult, but for a restaurant to get that right, seems almost impossible. Thankfully for Salt & Straw in Portland Oregon, they not only get it right they get it. This place is a foodie mecca for great imaginative ice cream with honest flavors, fresh ingredients and just dam good ice cream. I have only had the pleasure of visiting this fine establishment four times, but I have never gone away disappointed. They have wildly creative flavors and they just make them work. How does bone marrow and bourbon smoked cherries work? Well it just does? I expected it to be nasty and just not taste good, and after my little sample I had to get a scoopful, it was just perfect. The extra fat just added to the richness of the ice cream and the cherries, I’m just a sucker for cherries in ice cream.


Bone marrow and bourbon smoked cherry ice cream and strawberry, honey balsamic vinegar and black pepper

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Photo of the week: June 21


It’s only been seven years, but back in 2007 the San Francisco Giants hosted Major League Baseballs All-Star Game. I can’t believe it’s been that long. If you go to AT&T Park and have a seat on the Club Level they have a huge display of memorabilia ranging from bubbleheads to World Series trophies next time you’re at the park get a ticket for that section and check it out.

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Visiting Birdland



Another week another Major League Ballpark ticketed off the list. This past week I had the pleasure of visiting one of the “new” retro stadiums Oriole Park at Camden Yards in Baltimore. This park opened in 1992 and really started the renaissance of retro parks. It is the benchmark of which many park strived to achieve, and I was really really happy to finally get to see it in person. Below you’ll see a short photo essay of my visit. If you’re into baseball recommend a trip here you won’t be disappointed. Continue reading

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Ice Cream you Scream we all Scream for Ice Cream


My not so black and tan and my better halfs single scoop sundae

Fenton’s Creamery in Oakland California is an institution. If you haven’t been here you haven’t had ice cream before. This parlor has been around since 1894, yes it’s over 120 years old. I have been coming here since junior high, and have loved it ever since. It has that old time feel, because it is that old, and it’s just a great place to celebrate any special occasion, or in our case have desert on date night.

I have never been here when it’s not busy, except when I came here for a party and we were there a half hour after they opened (I’m going to say like 10:30 AM). But otherwise expect to wait anywhere from 5-20 minutes for a table and maybe 5 minutes for a to go order. Yes it’s just that busy all time. Continue reading

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73 and Counting


The unassuming store front

I have a secret obsession, and I’m here today to finally come clean. I like collecting Hard Rock Café shot glasses. I have zero interest in the cafes really, but I do love the little 1 ½ ounce glass. To date I have some 73 glasses, and when I’m in a city that has one I try and make my way to the location to add to my collection. Continue reading

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Wandering Pike Place Market


Check out my double chin

I had a nice afternoon wandering Pike Place Market in Seattle. This was the fourth day in a row of 80 plus degree temperatures. Apparently this has not happened since August of 2013, which is crazy on its own. How can anyone survive more rainy days then sunny ones is beyond me, but this beautiful city can easily make you forget those cold days when you have one like today. Since the city was in all of its beautiful glory  I had to take a visit down to Pike Street. I did have a hidden agenda, about getting a shot glass at the Hard Rock Café. It’s just up the street a few blocks from the market. I know it’s a terrible obsession, but I will save that for another post. Continue reading

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Spring is here, a day at AT&T Park

Finally my first Ballgame of the season, it only took 10 home games. But hey I’ve been busy so what can I say. The best part about the day was that the weather was awesome, it had been raining all day and I was worried that the game might be called. If it was and they had to makeup the game that weekend I would not have been able to go. But by 4 pm when we headed out to the park, it was just perfect. Thank you baseball gods!!! 20140501-190643.jpg

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The Mother of all Stores

The amazing entrance

The amazing entrance

The massive Facade

The massive Facade

For those that know me, the last thing you’d probably hear me say is “let’s go to Bass Pro Shop.” I do like to fish but don’t have a permit, it’s been years since I’ve even had one I don’t hunt and I’m not a gun totter. But when two different people tell you that you have to go to Bass Pro, I listen. Continue reading

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