Welcome Million Mile Secrets Readers

I recently was lucky enough to be featured on the awesome travel blog Million Mile Secrets in their weekly Interview series. If you haven’t read or seen Daraius’s blog you should check it out (and read my interview too). Since this is my first ever interview about my travel habits and blog, I thought it would be nice to welcome all my current and hopefully new readers to participate in a giveaway. Since I love Starbucks and can’t imagine anyone who doesn’t I thought a $25 gift card would be the thing to give away.

So if you’re interested in being included in my giveaway, please leave a comment on this post about your most memorable trip, vacation or travel experience and why and also include your name and I’ll pick the one I think sounds the most fun. I know it’s not very democratic or random, but hey it’s my blog so I can make my own rules. I’ll leave the contest open for one week starting today July 11th and ending at Noon Pacific Time on July 18th. Once I pick a winner I’ll message you back with the code to redeem the card.

For readers that are new to the site, I’ve listed a few of my favorite adventures that you might find fun to read about. They’ll hopefully give you an idea of what types of things I write about and what makes me tick as a traveler.


Flying Singapore Airlines First Class Food Porn

Malossol caviar
Malossol caviar at 35,000 feet with a glass of Dom Perignon and Russian Vodka of course.


My first and only visit (so far) to Fiji and the amazing hotel room I was given.

Lazy River main pool
The Lazy River at the Sheraton Fiji Resort


A year in review. Turning 40 was not that bad, in fact it was amazing, thanks to my better half.

A world map with a cupcake on every city I visited in between age 39 and 40.

Don’t forget to leave a comment if you want to be entered into the $25 Starbucks giveaway. Be sure tell me about your most memorable trip, vacation or travel experience and why and also include your name and I’ll pick the one I think sounds the most fun.


  1. Cool interview too! Wow….you’ve been to some amazing places! My most memorable trip of recent was one my wife and I took to Dublin, Ireland for St. Patrick’s Day this year! My first time to Ireland and it was a blast. We enjoyed the city and festivities for the actual holiday and then spent time in the countryside for later days. We also managed to squeeze in a couple days in London and took the Eurostar train to Paris for a day-trip. The whole trip, airfare, lodging, trains, subway, food, and entertainment was under $1000 for 10 days. Thank you miles and points!!! I think about the trip all the time and can’t wait until our next adventure.


  2. My most amazing trip flying FC for the first time to Ireland and spending 8 days touring that beautiful country.


  3. Very nice interview. My most amazing trip would be to Cancun when I was about 40. I had worked more than one job for many years and did not get to travel that much except related work trips. Cancun is amazing with great food, great weather, and friendly people. Chichen Itza and Tulum are very nice places to visit. I was saying to my wife that I missed my first 20 years since I could visit Cancun when I was 21 🙂 I highly recommend that people should visit Cancun at least once in their lifetime. Thanks.


  4. My most memorable trip was going to Hawaii first class (we were upstairs in the plane) with my parents and half- sister. I did not live with my older sister much so I did nit know her much. She ended up meeting some guys and hung out on the roof of the hotel while my parents were at a company dinner. When my sister and I went down to dinner, we were stopped by the hostess knowing our room number asking us if we were on the roof. I said no bc I never went up on the roof.
    I hope to have more memorable trips in the future.


  5. Nice interview and the picture from Bali makes me want to be there right now.

    Most memorable trip was a safari in Tanzania. Seeing hoards of wildebeest in the Serengeti was something else!


  6. three summers ago i was 1 of roughly 1,000 westerners to tour north korea. on sunday, dressed in shirt and tie, i ambled down moving walkways, through a giant dusting machine, passed somber koreans in their sunday finest, bowed 3 times before the embalmed corpse of the late dictator kim il-sung and snapped photos outside of members of the north korean military and their wives posing for group photos with the mausoleum in the background. the locals were friendly and curious, i was wowed, awe struck and generally blown away by the entire experience. i could write a book.


  7. thanks for the info and links!!! my most memorable trip was my mom took me on a trip to Disneyworld in in Orlando when I was like 12 years old. The hotel we stayed at was next a magic shop, and I got a svengali deck and started learning some magic. I also remember us all being so hyped up, we went out shopping to Ron Jon Surf shop (I believe it was 24 hours) and got kickboards to use at the beach the next day. I remember it was the warmest ocean water I’ve ever been to (to this day, so far) and I wondered why the beach near philly was not nearly this nice. We also got a sleeping car on the train and had a lot of fun entertaining mom the whole ride down there. If only mom had known as much about miles and points as I do now… but it was still awesome!


  8. My first trip to Disney, truly I thought I had found heaven on earth. The place was immaculate and everyone freakishly friendly! Even the rain was fun!


  9. Great interview and thanks for sharing your travel stories and advice Rahul. My best trip by far was meeting my friend in California for a great spring week. We visited San Francisco, Yosemite and Sequoia Nat’l Park, and the little wine country town named Calistoga. Simply wonderful. We loved wondering around SF, hiking and camping in the National Parks, and biking around Calistoga and trying many different wines. The trip was also when my friend and I started to date – and little did we know that 3 years later we would get married. So I highly recommend visiting California in the spring. It has so much to offer people who are willing to explore.


  10. My most memorable trip was my first big one paid for with miles and points. We just finished a 10 night stay in Maui, flew first class, stayed at fairmont & andaz Maui. I’m actually writing this comment as I sit in Maui airport waiting for our flight to leave paradise!


  11. My most memorable trip was to Sri Lanka. The culture, people and the food were so different than what I am used to in Hawaii. Also, I got to see elephants, monkeys and peacocks in their natural habitat.


  12. My wife and I just visited the North Cliff Hotel in FT Bragg for our 4th anniversary. This was or first visit to a NICE hotel and got us interested in getting miles to travel more! It was one of my favorite trips!


  13. My most memorable trip so far has been the driving trip through Belgium visiting various abbey breweries tasting their brews, cheeses and foods made with beer. The Ardennes forest, Boullion castle, town of Chimay, canals in Brussels were all unforgettable.


  14. Great blog – definitely inspires me to keep traveling! My most memorable trip was a mother-daughter trip all around Europe. We visited London, Paris, Barcelona, Madrid and all around the south of Spain, to Granada and Cordoba and Sevilla, all paid for on points and miles that I learned about from blogs just like yours. It was the first time my mother had gone on a vacation in years and I was so grateful to have been able to take her on a trip she’d always dreamed about – definitely a vacation I’ll never forget.


  15. Excited to explore and read your blog. One of my most memorable trips was to Cairo, Egypt when I was 19. I arrived on the afternoon of my birthday and my parents who were already there picked me up from the airport and drove me to a dock on the Nile River. We boarded a traditional wooden sailing boat called a felucca. New friends greeted me and we sailed together at sunset along the river. It was a beautiful beginning to one of the most amazing vacations I have ever had…they even made me a cake in the shape of the letter A for Anna.


  16. Thanks everyone for participating in my contest. Everyone deserves a Starbucks gift card!!! Unfortunately, I’m not a blogger on Boarding Area, so I’m definitely not made of money . So that being said I had to pick one winner and I chose Chris. The tour of South Korea sounds amazing. A place that had really been isolated from the Western world for so long trying to make it just sounds amazing.

    Your gift card is on it’s way!!!


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