Ice Cream you Scream we all Scream for Ice Cream

My not so black and tan and my better halfs single scoop sundae

Fenton’s Creamery in Oakland California is an institution. If you haven’t been here you haven’t had ice cream before. This parlor has been around since 1894, yes it’s over 120 years old. I have been coming here since junior high, and have loved it ever since. It has that old time feel, because it is that old, and it’s just a great place to celebrate any special occasion, or in our case have desert on date night.

I have never been here when it’s not busy, except when I came here for a party and we were there a half hour after they opened (I’m going to say like 10:30 AM). But otherwise expect to wait anywhere from 5-20 minutes for a table and maybe 5 minutes for a to go order. Yes it’s just that busy all time.

My favorite scoop shop
Always busy
The cold case
One hell of a sundae menu
Yes we did finish our sundae’s and no I didn’t share



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