Safeco Field- Seattle

Left field entrance

I love baseball. I just love it. I don’t get to go as often I did when I was younger and had less responsibilities, but I still get out there and do my best to see as many games as I can. I was lucky enough to get in a game a few weeks ago when I was in Seattle, and had a chance to take in my second game at Safeco Field, the home of the Mariners.

I’ve got to say that I really like this ballpark. It’s just a fun place to watch a game. Especially when it’s warm and sunny like it was the three days I was in town. In fact they said on the news several times that they set record temperatures for mid-May. It was in the mid 80’s and didn’t rain four days in a row. Apparently that has not happened since last August. No wonder Seattleites can be a little strange at times, lack of sunshine and rainy days can really make some people strange. But seriously, I love Seattle, and enjoy the city no matter the weather, but I was spoiled on my trip when it was sunnier then all get out.

What a beautiful day
What a beautiful day
The bleachers

That made going to the game that much more special, good weather and great company. My buddy Mark has lived up North for almost twenty years, and due to the magic of Facebook, we’ve been able to keep in touch and when I get up North (which isn’t often), we get to hang out. What better way than to reminisce then  over a beer and a ball game.

Chilling with my buddy Mark


Selfie, and yes that’s a New York Giants hat, not a Mets or Yankees.
Center field

I really like Safeco, it seems to have really great sightlines and modern feel, yet at the same time take on the classic look of the new old ballpark. It doesn’t have a lot of brick like AT&T, Camden Yards or Petco, but it has a lot steel and open space and surely isn’t confining like Tropicana In Tampa or the old Metrodome in Minneapolis. I’m not an expert on ballparks but I’ve been to over fifteen major league parks and to me it’s in the top five for now. Let’s see if that changes later this year when I visit Wrigley Field and Camden Yards (I see another blog post coming). Top 10 ballparks.

Anyhow the park is great, the city even better and for sure if the weather is right this place would be hard to beat. Just next time you’re up here, be sure to skip the stadium next door. The current Superbowl Champ Seattle Seahawks. It just hurts saying that!!!

The site of the most recent and most devistating San Francisco Forty Niners loss
Thankfully I got this shot before they raise the Superbowl banner. Damn you Pete Carroll

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