Review: Sheraton Suites Tampa Bay Westshore

A few weeks ago I spent the week in Tampa. While I was there, I stayed at the Sheraton Tampa Bay and Suites Westshore. I chose it for one reason and one reason alone, price. Most of the hotels were running in the mid $150-200 range and I got a steal of a deal at just about $100. The hotel has the feel of an Embassy Suites and in fact may actually have been one in a previous life. It has the classic open atrium lobby, glass elevators and two room suites that most Embassy Suites have and just had that general feel. Either that or I just stay at too many hotels and they all look alike.


Atrium view from the 7th floor
The atrium
Business center

In any event, the hotel was pretty good. It was clean open and the rooms were pretty spacious. In the front room you had a 32” TV couch and coffee table, plus a work desk and round table. Plenty of space to stretch out and relax after a long day of work. Then you had a separate bedroom also with a TV and incredibly comfortable pillows, something I just love in a hotel room.

Even though I travel as a party of one most of the time, and I don’t really need the extra space, it’s always nice to have it. Plus having that couch is a great way to relax and not have to lie down in bed to watch TV or chill out. I really appreciate staying in a hotel that offers standard rooms like this that don’t cost an arm and a leg to stay at.

Sitting room
Work desk and TV in the sitting room
The bar
Damn those pillows
Bedroom TV
Can’t remember what room this is

The hotel also had a bar and restaurant. I only took advantage of the breakfast and it was ok. I’m not really a breakfast eater except when on vacation, or if the hotel has one of those epic spreads like you’d see at a five star hotel such as the Conrad Bali or Conrad Maldives. That being said it was serviceable and filled my empty stomach, but was just not that interesting. You can only have  cheerios, oatmeal or toast so many times.

Although the hotel was not downtown it was in a really close to tons of shops, restaurants and the airport. The Westshore Shopping Center and International Center were within two miles so pretty much any type of food or drink option was close by. Which for me was a bonus, because there are some days where you don’t want to think about where or what to eat, and just want that decision made for you. I know tough life sometimes.

Oh yeah and as an added bonus this property is participating in the triple points promotion from May to July 2014. Not a bad way to top up the account. If you haven’t taken advantage of this promo you still have time to register, click the link below and you’ll be all set.








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