Wandering Pike Place Market

Check out my double chin

I had a nice afternoon wandering Pike Place Market in Seattle. This was the fourth day in a row of 80 plus degree temperatures. Apparently this has not happened since August of 2013, which is crazy on its own. How can anyone survive more rainy days then sunny ones is beyond me, but this beautiful city can easily make you forget those cold days when you have one like today. Since the city was in all of its beautiful glory  I had to take a visit down to Pike Street. I did have a hidden agenda, about getting a shot glass at the Hard Rock Café. It’s just up the street a few blocks from the market. I know it’s a terrible obsession, but I will save that for another post.

The iconic main entrance
Amazing fish


Check out those legs

I had a chance to walk the market and visit many fish mongers and arts and crafts vendors. I even got a small gift for the wife (let’s see if she reads my blog and ruins the surprise) ha ha. I also wandered down to Beechers for a cheese visit. Plus I had to make the trek over to Starbucks and the Green Goddess to the original 1971 location. When in Rome… The store is tiny and crowded, but it’s a cool iconic spot. To think 43 years later this tiny coffee roaster “rules” the world.

Next time you’re up in these parts be sure to give the market a visit, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed, regardless of the weather or how busy it is. It’s always a good time.

A very cool cheese monger
I wish I was swimming in this pool


Hello freind
Where a coffee religion started


This use to be outside


So many damn tourists

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