Airport Lounge Review: Lufthansa Senator Lounge Dubai



My tour of Dubai international airport continues…I’ve now been her twice and both times have enjoyed the Lufthansa Senator Lounge located near gate 23 in terminal one. To access this lounge you have a few options. First if your a member of Lufthansa’s frequent flyer community and had status with them you can enter, or you can purchase an annual membership. Since I’m not part of their scheme I really have no idea what the criteria actually is but, since I hold Star Gold status with United Airlines, I get access to all Star Gold lounges around the world when on an international itinerary. Hey it’s a nice perk when you get it and can use. In the case of United to get Star Gold you must fly 50,000 miles per year with them or at least credit your Star Alliance flights to United. In my case I also qualify for Star Gold as being a Million Miler.

In any event usually Senator Lounges are pretty good. They have a great coffee machine, beer/liquor selection, and some ok food in most cases. In this case it was not too bad, not great but it’ll do. This was a tiny lounge as you can see from the pictures, there was a seating area with tables and chairs to eat at and then a few loungers to nap in and lastly an open seating area.

By far not a big lounge overall so get here early or stand. On my first trip through here a few weeks ago I got in before the crush and as people came in there was just no place to sit it was really awful. This time though it was full but not to bad. Not sure what the difference was last time was a late Saturday night this time a late Sunday night. Regardless it seems if they are so full you’d wonder why it’s such a small lounge. It makes me wonder if they restrict access to it when full and only let in their members.














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