Eat My Fairy Dust

Yup we did it again, another trip to Disneyland. This time it was for the Tinkerbell Half Marathon.

Obviously I did not run it. My better half did, and she did awesome. The race started sometime between four and five am, to be honest I really have no idea, because I was passed out when the boss left the room to get to the race start line.

What I do know is that she and several other thousands finished and she did great! There were tons of people dressed as tink and other Disney characters. It was funny to watch the people run by us. I wish I had gotten pictures of some of the crazy and funny shirts and costumes. Two shirts that come to mind were “eat my fairy dust” and ” that’s not sweat it’s fairy dust”. Too funny.

This was a huge accomplishment for my better half. It was her first half marathon, an amazing accomplishment. I mean how many people decide to run 13.1 miles for fun. Not this guy. She’s been training for months and all that hard work paid off. I’m very very proud of her for such a great accomplishment and can’t wait to root her on her next race once the blisters go away.






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