The Boys of Summer Continued



I’m about to take my second leg in my Boys of Summer Baseball tour. I’m very very excited about going to Colorado and Cincinnati to root my hometown San Francisco Giants the 2010 and 2012, World Series Champions, in case you didn’t know. My buddy “T” and I are heading to Colorado in the morning and catching two of the three games there and then flying onto Cincinnati to catch two more, before coming home. This should be a fun trip it’s our third year in a row doing a Giants road trip. Sadly our away record is not too good the last two seasons I’m constantly reminded by “T’ that it’s 2 wins 4 losses. If we could come home on a 3-1 trip that would be great. I know I’m complaining about a team that has won the WS 2 of the last 3 years, so a few losses are no big thing. But seriously to go on the road and be heckled for rooting the visitors on, you just need some good breaks to go your way. Anyhow I’m just thrilled to take a few days away from the grind and have a few cold ones and watch some baseball. So stay tuned for a few fun posts about my Giants and the friendly confines of Denver and Cincinnati.

As a side note, to my two readers (just kidding I know there are three), if you’ve got a food recommendation or a killer watering hole to suggest please pass it my way. I’ve not been to Denver in years and I’ve not had much better food then Chipotle or Quodoba there, and I’ve never been to Cincy. I’d prefer to not repeat my last food choices, so please pass anything along that would be unique or just damn good. My belly thanks you in advance.


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