My dirt is finished








Well for all of you waiting patiently for my final pottery photos here they are. It’s like Christmas when you go into the studio and you have new presents to open. In this case I was pleasantly surprised that I got all 8 cups today.

I did a mix of two different glazes the shiny green and white ones were glazed on the inside and most of the outside with Oribe Green and Waxy White. My first time using this green, and I was very very happy with the results, just what I was looking for. The other set are done in a matte glaze combo of Shino on the bottom and then Blue Black on the top and inside. This came out ok, I was hoping for a more consistent Blue Black and more of a deeper color. As I mentioned before, things don’t always come out the way you want, but nonetheless, I’m happy with all the results.

Now it’s time to just wash em up and start using them.


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