My Sydney farewell tour

So as part of my farewell tour I’m hitting up my favorite restaurants. It’s been four months since my last trip here and at this point I don’t think I’ll be back here anytime soon. I just love this city and really could see living here with the family in a different lifetime. That being said I’m trying to visit my favorite places before my week comes to an end.

Fennel and apple salad

The divine pasta

So far I’ve gone to Jamie’s Italian Kitchen with a few friends. We had a great time, it was their first time here and I was able to introduce them to the best Bolognese by a country mile. All three of us got it, it was pretty funny, but hey all the food here is good but this dish is awesome. I also had a fennel and apple salad, not sure why I ordered it but I wanted something green and this did the trick. Unfortunately the service was fair to midland as usual, but the food is so damn good I keep coming back.

Tonight I went to Rockpool Bar and Grill and again was not disappointed. The bar tenders are simply amazing, super friendly and make a mean drink. I have been here maybe five times and have always had the Waygu burger, it’s that good. Plus some aranchini and a chocolate desert that was out of this world. I could only eat half of it so guess what’s for breakfast tomorrow.

Kentucky Mule

sorry I had to taste it before I took a snap of my burger


I’m going to miss this city and the friends I’ve made but I miss my family more. Although its bittersweet to leave this place, going home is always at the top of my list. With only three nights left the food options are getting harder and harder to make since someplace will for sure be left out. Stay tuned for where I end up the balance of the week.

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