Review: New and Improved American Airlines First Class Meals


American has recently improved their food offerings on domestic flights offering first and business class. As of 11/18 these new changes went into effect. Here’s and excerpt from the email they sent out:

More meals on more flights: We’ll offer you a full meal with your choice of entrée on all flights approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes or longer

Warm mixed nuts – an American favorite: We’ll reintroduce warm mixed nuts on all flights longer than approximately 2 hours

Upgraded Lite Bites basket: We’ll improve our Lite Bites basket on flights less than approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes to include a better selection of sandwiches, fresh fruit, breakfast breads, snacks and more

Signature made‑to‑order sundaes: We’ll bring back our made-to-order sundaes for dessert on flights approximately 4 hours and 30 minutes or longer

My meal

Over the past three years I’ve flow a bunch of flights up front and actually found their food offerings to be pretty good, but that all changed earlier this year when AA and its new merger partner US Air aligned their food offerings and serving times. I’m guessing after many complaints AA found some sanity and it appears they’ve made improvements above the old ones.

On our flight from Dallas to San Francisco the Saturday after Thanksgiving, I had a change to try them out and in general I was impressed.

The offering of a super tasty deviled egg and a chicken entree were pretty nice. In fact the egg was outright outstanding. Who knew at 35k feet? The chicken was fine, but my wife’s creamy pasta was amazing.

The best part a chocolate mousse cake with chocolate shavings kicked butt. Normally on this route or length of flight you used to get a warm cookie, which I liked, but this was 100% better.

Kudos to AA for making travel a little more tolerable.

Chicken, mash, corn succotash and gravy


Amazing deviled eggs


Mousse mousse mousse. Best damn desert in a while



  1. Well that’s a relief. I flew AA F the day the new meal standards went into effect, and was severely disappointed by the Lite Bites basket. Good to see AA’s new management might actually be listening to their customers.


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