Mamas Fish House – Paia, Hawaii

Happy 10 year anniversary

There’s not much to say here except that this is by far one of my favorite places to have dinner when visiting Maui. I have only been to the island three times, but my wife has always made it a point to make sure we have one meal here. It’s right on the beach and although a very large restaurant, it’s broken up into many smaller dining rooms, so you never really feel like you’re in a crowded place even though it probably seats 200+. Being that it’s so iconic it’s THE place to visit on a special occasion, like ours.

As usual the food was amazing and the service was excellent. We also felt welcome bringing our kid, we didn’t see too many there during our visit, but there were a few. Always a plus when you’re not the only parent that gets to bring your kid out to dinner on a very very special occasion and knowing others have too. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

The entrance to the parking lot

One of my two dates
Date number 2


Beautiful ginger
Some other flower
Birds of paradise? Yes they are all real


More tiki’s
The menu


Amuse bouch (sweet potato and ginger)
Tomato, Maui onion, olive oil and Humboldt Fog Blue Cheese
Encrusted Ono and Kahlua pork fried rice
Hana bananas and Mac nut crumble with vanilla ice cream, on the side of course


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