We Don’t Have The Power Captain

So I’m out of town again what a surprise. I get to my hotel around 2 pm and find it unusual that the parking lot is super empty. Then the staff are opening the front door for me. This too is unusual when they have automatic doors and no bellman.

Finally I realize there’s no power. Thankfully it’s not due to weather like they’re having on the east coast. This is a planned power outage. Apparently they are adding a pool and other amenities and today they needed to shut down power for some part of the install.

I wouldn’t care too much about this except that I had no idea it was happening. I made a comment about that at check in and said an email for a warning would have been nice, and they said they informed some guests, I guess I’m not one of those guests.

After hoofing it 9 floors to drop off luggage and to take care of business I had no choice but to leave. There was nothing open in the hotel and I was hungry after a 12 hour travel day.   At least they carried my bags for me. Otherwise I’d still be climbing the stairs, I’m just not that fit.

I was told the outage should only be 4 hours longer. Under normal circumstances, this would not be a big deal, but after leaving the house at 3:30 am and arriving at 2:30 pm I was ready to relax. I had no choice but to go for a Starbucks and a very early dinner.

So here I am four hours later and the power is still not on. They said power was planned to be back on at 6 pm I was even texted that and hour prior by the hotel. I had asked them to let me know so I knew when to come back.  But alas at 6 pm I’m sitting in the lobby waiting. It’s dark outside and they have emergency lights on in the lobby. The staff is excellent.  They have offered me a drink and dinner at the restaurant and even a different room in a part of the hotel that has power. I’d be glad to take it but I’d have to go up to my room and repack my stuff. They’ve even offered to get it for me, but since I need to go up and make sure all my stuff got packed, I’d rather wait. I know if I hike up 9 flights, pack my stuff and hike back down the power will come back on.

First world problems I guess.

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