It’s A Miracle Of Epic Proportions- Good On You United


The welcome package has arrived

It’s a miracle of epic proportions. Did hell freeze over? Or did United Airlines actually do something right for a change?

For the first time in many years United actually sent out their new frequent flier credentials before the old ones expire. In UA’s case, as of a couple years ago, your previous year’s status carries over to January 31st of the following year.

There have been many years where I’ve gone w/out new credentials for many months. Frankly getting credentials is really not that big of a deal, especially when for me I only flew them three times after March or last year. But the crux really comes down to their partner airlines and access to their lounges. There are airlines that will not let you access their lounges w/out the hard plastic card. Over the years I’ve had to sweat it out on occasion and beg to get access because my ticket had my 1k or Star gold Status.

What’s the big deal here? Well, when on an international trip regardless of class of service, if you’re flying any Star Alliance carrier and have Gold Status or better you can visit them for free. Some lounges are great and others are not worth writing home about, but hey when you get access and can take a shower or get a drink in a quiet place on a delay why wouldn’t you want too?

Really for me at this point the surprise was that I got the card with weeks to spare. I can count on less than one foot the amount of times in the past 12 years the card has come on time. Let’s just say it’s only happened 3 times.

Good on you United.



My new Gold card, with 1 Million Mile Status (nice touch)

and a luggage tag

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