Review: Aloft Calgary University

My love affair with Starwood’s Aloft brand continues. This time I’ve visited their outlet in Calgary which opened about 8 months ago. I had a one night stay here and I found this hotel to be as unique as their other properties in the public spaces, and almost exactly the same in the rooms as any other location I’ve visited over the past few years. Which is kind of comforting if you ask me.

This particular location (they only have one in Calgary) is located near the University and the Calgary Stampede Football Stadium. It’s near a ton of low budget hotels, so its modern façade and the fact that it’s a new build make it really stand out.

I’ve stayed next door half a dozen times at the Hampton Inn, and its fine nothing special, but when I need to be on this since of town I will for sure stay here again. The location is perfectly fine, it’s close to the University as I mentioned, also a couple malls and tons of restaurant, and is only about 10 minutes drive from Deerfoot Trail (Highway 2). So it’s pretty convenient to a lot.



360 view of the lobby from the pool fireplace


Copious amounts of public spaces and seating but the most important would be the bar

What I found unique about this property, was the public spaces. In most of the Aloft’s it’s not too small and not gigantic, and all the other ones I’ve been too have had large outdoor spaces to boot. But in this case the indoor space is gigantic, I think it’s because they’ve enclosed the pool area and connected it to the main bar and seating area. This makes for a large and inviting space that you just want to hang out in.

Like all the other Alofts I’ve been too, they have a bar, pool table, cool and creative seating, plus comfortable hang out spaces. Hey it’s a vision of the W brands what do you expect? This definitely is a space you want to hang out in after a long day of work or snow time.

I’ve only been to seven or eight other locations, and none of them had a spa or restraint connected, in this case they did. I didn’t check them out, but you did get discount coupons to try them out. Maybe next time.

IMG_9196 IMG_9212 IMG_9195 IMG_9194 IMG_9197

The super cool indoor pool areaIMG_9215 IMG_9214

As for the rooms they are as cookie cutter as any other location down to the bedding, pillows and phone. There’s almost something funny about how every one of these hotels is exactly the same. I fear one time I’ll wake up and wonder which location I’m staying at. The only thing different about this particular room, was that the shower had a sliding door and not a door you open towards you. And the sink was just a bit different too. Again nothing major at all, but when I say these rooms are the same from city to city and state to state I mean it.

There was one other thing I must mention, and that was the staff. Yes Canadians are friendly, but the crew working here was exceptional. They were super friendly and provided me with a few extra goodies after they found out I had been in an accident. They sent up a goodie bag with a note form the staff plus, fruit, snacks and drinks. That was a cool touch. Plus they hooked me up with ibuprofen and Tylenol from the first aid kit. Thanks guys. This just made my day.

The usual bedroom and sleeping areaIMG_9188 IMG_9189 IMG_9186 IMG_9185

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