Review: Dublin Airport DAA Executive Lounge T-1

Executive Lounge Terminal-1 to the left of the Premium Security checkpoint

I recently traveled to Dublin for the night and on my return trip home I had a chance to visit the DAA Executive Lounge at Terminal 1. It’s a contract lounge meaning that many airlines, and alliances utilize this facility and based on your status or class of service and what airline you’re flying you can gain access to this facility. In some cases airlines will provide you an invitation card at check in that will allow you access. In my case I was flying British Airways and as an Executive Platinum on American Airlines or Emerald One World status I was able to access the lounge. But at check I when I asked about lounge access the BA agent had no idea if I would get access nor would she give an invitation. No worries thought I was easily able to get in though.

At terminal one there appears to be two sets of security lines, one for premium passengers and one for the rest of the guests. The lounge itself is located after security and to the left of the premium security line. So once through security look for signs pointing to the lounge.


The list of airlines that can access this contract lounge
One of the lounge seating area

As for the lounge itself, it was not huge but did have a central check in space and then two identical seating and food areas one to the left and right of the entrance. The staff working the lounge were super friendly and had no issue giving me access after I produced my boarding pass and AA Ex Plat card. And then viola I was in. They lounge itself offered free Wi-Fi with code and also a small selection of spirits, beer, water and coffee and tea. They also had a small selection of cereals, breads and yogurt. I was here at about 6:30 AM with an 8:15 AM departure and had already had breakfast prior to check in since I got to the airport prior to BA’s check in desk opening. So what else could I do but eat.

In any event the food and drink were not uber impressive, but if you were hugely or thirsty you’d be able to make due. The main thing about having lounge access for me especially outside the US, is the free Wi-Fi and also a place to sit. Not that US airports are amazing, but you can usually get Wi-Fi or can just use your data, and there’s usually plenty of food and drink options by the gates as well as seating. In many European airports the seating is all centralized and when you get called to the gate seating and food options are limited.

Next time you’re in Dublin and are traveling via Terminal one check out this spot if you need a respite or a quiet place to chill out.

The cold drink selection
The bar. Consisting of a coffee, tea and espresso maker, cold juices, water, beer and wine. Plus spirits.
The breakfast spread. muffins, breads, cereal and yogurt
More views of the lounge
More lounge seatin
Dining area


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