Review: Admirals Club @LAX Remote Terminal

Entrance to the new Admirals Club @ LAX’s remote terminal


I recently visited the NEW Admirals Club at LAX in the remote terminal, and boy was I pleasantly surprised. AA has had a remote terminal for many years and it provides service on most of, if not all regional jets and aircraft servicing LAX. This terminal provides services to places like Santa Barbara, San Diego, Monterey and Albuquerque to name a few. Being that LAX is one of AA US hubs, it plays a large role in getting passengers to  smaller stations throughout the Western US.

AA conveniently has an Admirals Club and Flagship Lounge in Terminal seven, but if you’re flying out of the remote terminal you either went without or had to sit with the unwashed masses. The main issue is that during peak travel times, you have to give yourself even more time to get to your gate so that mean skipping the lounge in T-7 or leaving way way too early. Thankfully this predicament has been rectified and having access to a clean, modern and inviting club is always welcome.  I know I’ve not been to everyone of their US lounges, but I’d have to say surprisingly that this location was close to being as good as my hometowns SFO location. Which also is relatively new too, and also has that clean modern design. I know that AA is starting to remodel their lounges and I look forward to seeing how they take a large space such as T-7 or the ones in Chicago and make them more modern.


The lounge is not huge but because of its sleek and clean design it feels quite large. Or maybe it’s because I was there on a Sunday night at 8 PM and there were only three others in the lounge besides me. Regardless of that, here were four distinct sitting areas, with either low lying lounge chairs, or bar height chairs and a communal table. Plenty of options abounded. Additionally there seemed to be plenty of power plugs so those needing a juice refill, could get one.

One of Four distinct seating areas


View to the bar

The bar and food area was not much different than other AA clubs, but they did offer fountain sodas, ice tea, a hot water nozzle and coffee. I like it when they offer self-service soda fountains, it makes it easier to fill up on your desired preference. Plus a cold station which this night had crudité and ranch plus cheese and crackers. They also had a bar with all the usual liquid suspects and as the norm when it came to complimentary beers, wines and cocktails.

The bar


The soda jerk plus snack area


My best friend El Machino, hot water and coffee. All they’re missing is the Starbucks syrups that the Alaska Air lounges offer.


Another crazy Dyson invention. Sink nozzle and hand hot air blow dryer. Just crazy


Ok computer

So next time you have to route through LAX and have a flight in/out of the remote terminal go say hi, you might like what you see.

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