The Short Hop: Hawaiian Airlines Maui to Kona


We were finally in the Hawaiian Islands after a very long trip, but we had one last short flight to take. After landing in Maui we had 50 minutes to connect to our little Boeing 717 to Kona on the Big Island. If I’ve flown Hawaiian before it was so long ago that I can’t remember. I know I’d flown Aloha Airlines several times before they went out of business, but I’m just not sure about Hawaiian. It was a short trip, the flight is blocked out for only 32 minutes for this 84 mile jaunt but from wheels up to wheels down it’s only took 21.

If you are flying during the daytime I’d  recommend a window seat because the views are spectacular. In my case I was in an aisle seat so I could sit across from the family otherwise I would have been in a different row. After a very long travel day I wanted to be close to help out just in case. So I spent a lot of time peering over my neighbor and wasn’t able to snap any good pictures. Hopefully I’ll get some on the way back.

There’s our 717
Someone’s very excited
Up close and personal.
“Akepa” the name of our plane. It’s a native Hawaiian bird, thanks Google.

We did upgrade to first class for $50 each. Was it necessary? No, but what the heck it’s our 10 year anniversary and we deserved it. The cabin seats eight people in a 2×2 configuration of 2 rows. It was not a giant seat, but it was roomy enough for a short flight and would be comfortable for a 2-3 hour journey I think. Other than that there was not much. No inflight entertainment of any sort, but again for 30 minutes what do you expect. I’m not sure what they do for longer flights, but I do know that they do offer inflight entertainment and meals even in coach on longer flights.

Our seat for 30 minutes

As for drinks they had the usual assortment of products plus POG, and a local beer called Primo. I’m a sucker for POG, and had a few glasses, although I’m still trying to figure out what alcohol would pair best with it maybe rum or vodka. Any suggestions?

POG and a snack
I need one for my house

Before we knew it we were on descent to Kona and on the ground. The flight was fine, nothing glamorous, but for 30 minutes I was entertained. The plane was clean, the staff friendly and best of all we were finally in Hawaii and out vacation could finally start.


  1. Definitely rum with pog. Will you go near the lava flow? Jim and I love the big island. Love our little Sheraton there, and the beaches up near the schmantzy hotels. Take the inland road to Hilo, though it is widely spoken against….. it is a FINE road. Our favorite trek was upcountry at Waimea. Beautiful.


    • Hi sadly not this trip went last time 4 yrs ago. We love the Mauna Kea public beach and also beach 69 at mile marker 69. We also did the inland road last time too, loved it. This trip was beach time and family time. My in laws live here. Tomorrow were heading to Maui and will stay at the Westin Codos hoping they are nice.


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