Aloha Again Hawaii

10 years has flown by. Before a selfie was a selfie

Vacation is finally here! I know it may seem I’m perpetually on vacation, but that’s not really the case. I’m fortunate to get almost four weeks off per year, so that allows us to plan a few trips each year. The last couple years we’ve done two two week trips, but this year we switched it up and decided to take three one week ones instead. So this time around were going to Hawaii. Wait, hang on, if you read this blog regularly, you might be thinking that we went there already this year, and we did. But that was only for the weekend. This trip is a bit longer, and were going to two different islands this time since we like to island hop.

In any event I’m incredibly excited to be on vacation, for many reasons but mainly because I get to celebrate my 10 year wedding anniversary. It’s pretty crazy to think that it’s been 10 years, it really doesn’t seem like that long. Even though we have so many aspirational places we want to visit, Hawaii always makes the list, because it’s such a fun place. There’s so much to do, the scenery, beaches and food are outstanding and it’s close to home. We wanted to do something fun and close to home and a place our daughter would enjoy too, so when it came to places to vacation, Hawaii was top of the list.

Our entire wedding party. We all were so young!!

While were here, we’re spending time on the Big Island and also Maui. My mother-in-law lives on the Big Island, so we get a chance to hang out and relax there for a few days before hopping over to Maui. Unfortunately it’s been too long since we’ve been to Hawaii, prior to the visit in July it had been four years, so our princess has never had a chance to see Nana’s place, and I’m excited to show it too her. She loves the outdoors and animals and Nana has both on her property, so I think it’s going to be a great visit. Besides that, who doesn’t like the beach? So some beach time is in order too. As for what else to do, we don’t have much planned really, except visiting some of our favorite restaurants, and hopefully sampling some beer from Maui/Kona brewing companies too. Besides that we hope to relax and work on our sun tans a bit.

The incredible view from Nana’s house

I’m looking forward to a much need family vacation, and celebrating 10 amazing years of marriage. It’s a lot of work, but it sure it worth it to have a partner to spend the rest of your life with.



  1. I ♡ Hawaiii. I went there in 1999 for my honeymoon and in December last year.
    I would feel so lucky if I could actually go twice in 2 years leave aside the same year 😉


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