Our babies have flown the nest

Mommy holding down the fort

We’ve been very lucky to have a hummingbird family living in our backyard for the past month or so. My wife first spotted the nest and the mommy and then several other hummingbirds hanging around our enormous Oak tree. We finally found the postage stamp of a nest, no bigger than a golf ball. It truly was an amazing site, and I spent countless hours just staring at it and the bird incubating its eggs.

The nest is so small

Finally one day we saw babies, yes two little guys hanging out in the nest. I just can’t tell you how incredible it was to see mommy and two little birdies attempt to live in this minuscule house. But man was it cute. Sadly after about two weeks of living with mom the birds vanished, we hope that flew away but other than that we have not had any sightings of the babies. I think I still see the mom around occasionally, but we never did get to see the kiddos fly.

Look at those cute butts
Mommy in flight

DSC_0528 DSC_0570

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