Is It Wrong to Love A Lounge? The American Express Centurion Lounge: Dallas



I think I’m falling in love, no actually I know I already have. Thankfully my wife has nothing to fear, because this love is for a lounge. The American Express Centurion Lounge at DFW Airport. This place is just freaking awesome! I have only been here two times, but it is now my gold standard for which all lounges will be compared too from now on in the US. Now internationally it does stand up to many premium spaces, but the likes of what Singapore Air, Cathay Pacific, Lufthansa and Qantas offer for Business and First class passengers are more than amazing.





Why do I love it so much, well it’s just so modern and comfortable to start with. With many smaller areas to relax in and lounge about before or after your flight. Plus they offer an incredible complimentary bar and buffet. Even though it is a buffet, that word does not do it justice. For example today they had super fresh strawberries, large blueberries and raspberries. They were unreal. Beyond that the spread contained an organic quiche, omelets, French toast and an assortment of breads and orange granola with toppings. And if you’re in a drinking mood, they have a well-stocked bar, with some very cool signature cocktails, that BTW taste excellent, although I’m still working my way down the list.












Sadly I had to cancel my appointment this time through, the manicurist was running late. I had booked a 9 AM appointment even though my flight was departing at 9:45 AM. Maybe next time.





In general most lounges have some exclusivity to them, you usually pay for a yearly membership from $300-$600 per year, pay a daily fee per person to the tune of $50 or so bucks, or you’re traveling internationally in a premium cabin. That being said at any given time the United/American/USAir (read that as US based airlines),  offers crap drinks and has nowhere to sit. In this case what sets The Centurion Lounge apart is that it’s so big and split into about six small to large spaces you have room to roam, hide and get away from others here if you want. Additionally they make you feel welcome and truly want to serve you. On this visit for example, I had no less than three visits from various staff asking to refresh my coffee or get me another drink. And whether the person really was happy, you would have had no idea, try that at most UA lounges. Plus did I mention the amazing bar and the spa. Yes that’s right the spa. They offer complimentary manicures and massages. The only problem is that they book up fast and you can’t make a reservation till you get to the airport, so get here early or manufacture a long layover J.





In short if you find your way to DFW this is the place to be, trust me on that. Now how do you get in well if you have any Amex you can get in for a $50 fee per person, but if you have the Amex Platinum (that’s what I have) or the Centurion card (my net worth is not high enough for this one), the your family and you can get in for free on the same visit. Sure the fee is steep on the Platinum card, $450 annually but you get access to all of these lounges there are two in the US and two in South America with one in SFO and Miami to open this year. Plus you get access to Delta Sky Clubs, Priority Pass Lounges and access to their Fine Hotels And Resorts booking service, plus a $200 annual statement credit. So in short for me it’s a good deal. Lastly you earn points on spend and there are tons of transfer partners too.

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