The Fruits of my Labor


We have a nice dwarf orange tree in the backyard, it’s about 15 years old and some years it’s more prolific then others in the orange production department. This year was no exception it provided us a really great harvest. I made sure it got regular watering and fertilizer and was rewarded with a bountiful harvest. Because of the great sun this year and ample water we had some huge results. The oranges are about the size of small softballs and easily weigh one to one and half pounds apiece. We’ve enjoyed eating them, but it was time to get some juice.


So after hauling a grocery bag of oranges off the tree with the help of my wife and little princess we had about 25 oranges weighing in at over 30 pounds. Wow.


The poor oranges were so cold after I cut off most of the skins. Somehow a few Cara Cara oranges made their way into the bag and they just had to be juiced too.



Our tree may be nude, but it’s ready to provide us an amazing harvest again this year. But at least for the summer we’re being rewarded with an amazing aroma of citrus throughout the backyard. This by far is one of my favorite scents of the summer.

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