One Quarter Down Three To Go

Only 80,000 miles traveled thus far this year
Only 80,000 miles traveled thus far this year


So this has been a very very busy quarter for me. Wow I know I have traveled a lot of miles in other years, but for some reason this year and this quarter just seem a little over the top. The majority of the travel has been personal, three trips to Dubai over an eight week period and one trip to LA. But for work I’ve already been to Portland, Dallas, Chicago, Calgary, Toronto, Phoenix, Eugene, Bozeman, Las Vegas and Denver and it’s only March 28th. Wowezers.

Here’s the travel by the numbers and even for me they’re just staggering:

Hotel nights 25
Nights on a plane 6
Airline miles traveled 82,369

Let’s see what the rest of the year has in store, although I already have a good idea of what my personal and some business travel will be, but the story is still not written on what other spots I will hit this year.

Phoenix x2
Florida x2
Washington DC
Springfield, Missouri
San Diego
Abu Dhabi


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