Hotel Review: The London NYC


This hotel review is long overdue. The family and I were lucky enough to visit New York for Thanksgiving last year, mainly because my wife got to participate in the Macy’s thanksgiving Day Parade.

This was almost a last minute trip, we were informed of our good fortune about a month in advance, and thought that finding a middle of the road hotel or nicer for less then a Brinks truck of cash would be impossible. But surprisingly a month out lots of hotels were available and at New York “reasonable” prices. Read that as expensive for most of the world, but for NYC not so bad.

After some discussions with the family that was joining us, we settled on the London NYC. I was not familiar with this hotel except for the fact that I had heard of the LA and London locations but knew nothing about them otherwise. You know me I usually stay at Hilton’s or Starwoods, but the family found this hotel and got a really good deal, so how could we not check it out. Plus it looked and was way posher then where we thought we’d be staying.

The Lobby

DSCF2036 DSCF2037 DSCF2038

This hotel in not a new build but was 100% remodeled for the chain It’s an all suite hotel with rooms starting at 600 sf, I’m sure they have bigger but that’s what we god and boy were we NOT disappointed.

The room had a separate living room, with large couch workspace, side chair and tv.

DSCF1949 DSCF1951 DSCF1952 DSCF1953 DSCF1954

Then the bedroom had a large bed, tv a dressing area and the largest bathroom I’ve ever seen in a hotel in NYC, in fact I think I’ve stayed in rooms in this fare city smaller. For us the bathroom was perfect, it had a large shower and a tub, perfect for the kiddo to bathe in.

DSCF1955 DSCF1956 DSCF1957 DSCF1958 DSCF1959 DSCF1960 photo 1 photo 2

Overall the room was very modern, I would not say sleek, but very comfortable with an upscale feel. And even though I don’t often stay in these types of hotels, I still felt like I belonged. I’m remind of a trip many years ago to Tokyo, where we stayed at the Conrad, and everyone was in suits and formal attire, and here we were in our jeans and sweaters. We just didn’t fit in. But in this case that kind of attire was the norm, and we fit in just fine

Additionally they had two restaurants, Gordon Ramsey at the London and a more casual spot called Maze We only ate at Maze for breakfast twice, and it was ok. These restaurants are under the Gordon Ramsey empire, but since we just ate in the cafe, it was nothing to write home to mom about. In fact the service was lackluster and crowded, but hey it was a holiday weekend. That being said if our rate didn’t include free breakfast we would have not eaten here. The buffet was $28, and was just cold items, breads, lox, yoghurt, fruit, juice, cereal and crappy bagels. This is New York, how does that happen. The price was high but not for NYC, if I was in say San Diego or Seattle I would have been pissed, but when you can pay $5 for a pretzel what do you expect.

Our view

photo 3 photo 4

If I had another trip to the city, and I could get a good rate, I’d consider staying here, it’s in a good location. Times Square is 5 blocks and 3 different metro lines are withing 4 blocks, so you can get anywhere fast. Definitely a hotel to check out next time you’re there.

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