The Atlantic Adventure Begins


Vacation is finally here!!! Well really we’ve all been back for a week crying that it’s over. But I finally have time to write up a few posts on our amazing 13 night Transatlantic cruise on Royal Caribbean’s Independence of the Seas.

We are heading to London England for about five hours to catch a cruise and get our kid on another continent, this is number four, only one less then me. So crazy, she’s only two and I’m almost 40.

Anyhow why such a short time in the land of Royals, Burberry and Tanquaray. Well we have a ship to catch and we didn’t have enough extra time to get in a proper day at Harrods or Piccadilly Circus so we just decided to fly in the day of and then head to the cruise port in South Hampton, England.

Now it’s time for the adventure to really begin. Stay tuned for further installments on the adventures of mom, dad, s and baba (grandma).

Catching some shut eye



20131122-173555.jpg<br /


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