The journey home is finally over

In last nights episode of where is rahul I talked about my fabulous flight from Sydney to Tokyo via Bangkok Well after a short two-hour layover in Japan, I was off to the US on American Airlines. This flight was booked in coach but with upgrade coupons I was able to secure a business class ticket, and was looking forward to the journey. Well for some unknown reason, maybe a full plane, or my status with AA or just because they like me, I got a really great upgrade. When I got to the gate and started to board the agent said I had a new seat assignment, I was about to ask why but saw the ticket and it said first class on it. I know better than to ask questions, so I hightailed it out of there before anyone came to their senses. Let’s talk about being lucky, this was the best of luck.

I would be carried home on AA’s 777-200 fitted with three classes of service from Narita to Los Angeles, and I was now in hog heaven. I’m sure the regulars up front knew I was a noob, since I took so many darn pictures, unlike that old adage in sports “act like you’ve been there before” I did not.

Pillows, Duvet and Blank sitting atop my foot rest.

My seat


The amenity kit and pajamas


The footrest, with extra seat belt in case I wanted to share a meal with my travelling partner. Maybe next time.


Large amenity kit, in Eames fabric again. It is now my iPad case


All aboard the crazy pajama train. I can be vain sometimes, but since others in the cabin had the same ones, I didn’t feel so weird.


Warm nuts and an adult beve


Table set up and canape


Tuna Tartar it was delicious


Consume with vegetables


Spring salad


Hibachi chicken with pork fried rice, again another winner


As if that was NOT enough. Vanilla ice cream with green tea sauce


Overall a very very pleasant flight on AA up front. The cab was 100% full which means 16 passengers four across in four rows, but with 4-5 crew members serving us it was not to bad. In fact I would say one of the better crews I’ve had work a flight. The food too was very good and the seat was very comfortable in lay flat mode or any other mode. I would say the seat was semi-private too, not a totally private experience, but if you wanted to not have to talk to your neighbor or crawl over someone to get to the loo, these seats did the trick.My only complaint and to be honest I’m embarrassed to even mention it was the video on demand. It was a clunky jumpy private TV screen. You had about 20 movies to choose from and a lot of other things to watch, but it was like watching your grandmas TV with a video tape that had been used 20 times to many. I know first world problem here, but if I had to nitpick I will. With all the travel I’ve done over the past 6 months, I’ve had plenty of opportunity to try out airplane tv and most other carriers have this beat even in coach ala Virgin America and Jet Blue.

Regardless I can’t wait for my next AA long haul flight hopefully the same stoke of good luck happens and I get the front of the bus again.

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